A little collection of clips of what I’ve been up to lately in the box.

I can finally do two straight pull-ups

Backsquat PR at 150 lbs.

I can climb like a monkey (kinda)

I joined the “200 Club” recently in Deadlifts

Bench presses still freak me out the most. Working on it!

Still feeling drained and sore from Fridays #WOD, which involved #BenchPress strength work, #dumbbellpress, and #AirAssault Bike #metcon. Upper body and gluts are BURNT. All in a good days work at @crossfitauroracentral / @crossfitnewmarketcentral ?? But learning about the importance of #REST & #RECOVERY is very eye-opening. Gaining strength and lean muscle REQUIRES these two key elements. In 2018, I’ve implemented more of these into my training schedule. I’m striving to get at least *8-HOURS* of solid quality SLEEP EVERYNIGHT. And on weekends, it doesn’t mean I’m being a total couch potato!! Instead of running and high-intensity interval training, I’m doing a very light (~115bpm) Elliptical movement for 30 minutes, and finally doing #YOGA! It’s actually NOT as “easy” as I thought it was. Definitely works on balance and breathing technique ?? So far I’m embracing and loving it. #cfnac

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Overhead stuff still needs better form. Get those elbows parallel!