I CAN SEE! Though still kind of hazy and out of focus here and there. But I had a pretty good PRK Laser Eye Surgery experience at #Bochner Eye Institute. A BIG thank you to Dr. Raymond Stein and his staff for their wealth of knowledge, care, and expertise. They freed me from 15+ years of terrible vision. My prescription was around -8.5 in both eyes. My entire world was literally seeing the bokeh of a f1.8 prime lens. It’s been a week since the procedure and have had minimal discomfort and side effects thus far. The one funny frustrating thing was that I was absolutely dying to get back in the gym or run out side. Even though I was “off sick” due to the fact that I couldn’t clearly see to drive to work or see fine details, my whole body and limbs was perfectly fine. To counter this, I annoyed the crap out of my mom by walking around the house hundreds of times to keep my step count over 10,000 and did light tabata movements to keep the blood flowing. I can’t wait to get my hands on a barbell. Overall, this was definitely a positive milestone moment in my life where I got time to recover and reflect on the important things I value. Plus, I get to wear these nifty “solar shades” for a few weeks. Doctors orders! My vision only continues to improve from here. I’m absolutely looking forward to doing more fun activities this summer and taking my life to the next level #THISIS30