Why Apple Bought PrimeSense

Very obviously, Apple has plans to for a stronger living room presence itself, with its plans for an Apple TV. Picture a device that watches you as you watch it. It can see how your heart throbs when certain shows or celebrities or sporting events go on the air. Based on that, it will be able to customize what content it offers up to you.

Yes, this is the same company that help make the Xbox Kinect peripheral. And I think that this is an amazing acquisition for Apple. Expect to see motion sensors in an Apple TV in the future.

A Framework for Building a Design Practice

Said another way, having a strong practice (and in turn, a healthy culture) breeds resilience. And in my opinion, the teams that come out on top are the ones that measure their success not by how often they’re right, but by how resilient they can be when they’re wrong.

Verne Ho lays out a great “step by step” methodology for starting up a design practice. I highly recommend reading it.

The Period is Pissed

I’ve noticed it in my text messages and online chats, where people use the period not simply to conclude a sentence, but to announce “I am not happy about the sentence I just concluded.”

This is an unlikely heel turn in linguistics.

I’ve been noticing this trend as well. However, not so much as aggression, but more in a serious tone. Mean something? End it with a period.