Elon Musk finally unveils prototype plans for the highly anticipated “Hyperloop”

The solar-powered system, which Musk previously described as a cross between a Concorde, rail gun and air-hockey table, would shoot as many as 28 passengers in each enclosed capsule through a low-pressure steel tube at up to 800 miles per hour, according to the 57-page design plan.

Musk is the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX. He has a track record of envisioning marvellous ideas and then actually bringing them into reality. If anyone is going to be able to pull off a brand new mode of transportation, it’s him. However, it is worth mentioning that Musk doesn’t actually intend to do it all by himself, hence why it is an open-sourced project. Who can blame him though? He is running multiple up and coming companies.

“Musk maintains that he has too much on his plate to deal with bringing the Hyperloop to fruition. “I wish I had not mentioned it,” he says. “I still have to run SpaceX and Tesla, and it’s fucking hard.”

I think it’s great that we have innovative and inspiring individuals  such as Musk in the world. There are just too many “arm-chair” CEOs and nothing actually gets done. The landscape of the world and technology is rapidly accelerating and we need help pushing the human race forward from all industries. We need people like him.

Musk talks about going from downtown LA to San Francisco in 30 minutes. But one of my dreams is to be able to travel from downtown Toronto to downtown Ottawa in around 30 minutes. Wouldn’t that be just awesome? Then, imagine the infrastructure of multiple hyperloops that would allow one to travel from one side of North America to the other with just 6 stops in about 3 hours. Thrilling.