iOS 7

Happy iOS 7 day!

The latest version of Apple’s mobile device operating system is released today. And you will love it.

If you are brand new to this information or need some refreshing, check out Tech Crunch’s break down of all the features. As well as 9to5Mac’s complete walkthrough.

Check out some iOS 7 reviews by Ars Technica, The New York Times, AnandTechAllThingsD, USA TodayIGN, BGR,

Furthermore, Apple was just topped the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) for the tenth year in a row. Congrats!

Machine language: how Siri found its voice

For every Siri, there’s an actor sitting in a sound booth, really needing to go to the bathroom or scratch an itch.

This is an fantastic short feature on creating the modern voices we hear in our devices today.