Gmail is boiling the frog – and we are the frog

Google has sucked millions of people into its web by delivering a feature-packed email service that comes only at the price of our privacy. And, as we continue to enjoy its benefits – and compare them, usually favourably, with the alternatives, we must face the unavoidable reality that we have sold our souls for free email.

The longer people continue to use Gmail and their other Internet services, the more personal data Google will collect over the masses. As a long time user of Gmail and Google Docs for collaboration with my team, I found it incredibly hard to move away from. But the ads and privacy issues reached a threshold where I could not take it anymore. And this is why I recently migrated all of my business and personal email from Google Apps for Business to Rackspace. I love it.

However, I still do keep my free account solely for things such as subscriptions, news letters and certain mailing lists.

DDR4 memory will be released by next month

The DDR4 will only eat up 1.2Volts as stated by Crucial , while having twice the speed of DDR3 Memory. DDR4 will run on a base memory speed of 2133MHz while having 4GB as their minimum density. According to the chart, we can see that DDR4 is 100% faster than DDR3, requires 20% less voltage and has 300% more density than that of DDR3.

Why hello there DDR4 RAM. I can’t wait to meet you. Of course, this new RAM will be pricey at the get go. But I’m hoping that by next years second iteration of the new Mac Pro, the prices for the whole package will come down.

PS4 UX is powered by WebGL

When you login to your PS4 you are running #WebGL  code. The PlayStation Store, the Music and Video Applications, as well as a good chunk of UX are all rendered within the browser.

Personally, I think this is brilliant. Oh, and I received my Playstation 4 via the fine folks of Canada Post today. The craftsmanship of the PS4 controller is solid and awesome. The PS4 console itself is an absolute jewel as well.