It’s worth noting that the Nikon Df’s “timeless design” has more to recommend it than just aesthetics. In addition to looking like the beautiful F-Series 35mm cameras of old — with dedicated ISO, exposure compensation, shutter speed and mode dials — it is also compatible with Nikkor lenses made as far back as 1959, the year Nikon introduced the first F-Series SLR.

If Nikon was in a super good financial situation, then this would be an awesome thing to do. Unfortunately they are not. This camera caters to neither high end pros or general consumers.

I think they need to focus on making a Coolpix A body with a top notch DX sensor with a compact 24-120 f2.8 lens like the Sony RX100.

However, the Df is interesting as it has the sensor of the D4. So the quality is there. Also, the marketing for it is excellent with Joe McNally. I love that guy and his life story. However, these living legends keep referring to how the Df makes them feel nostalgic and what it was like shooting back in the old days. Well, that only represents a very small number of people. The majority of shooters these days have never even been in a darkroom before.

I don’t think the Df will help the company economically though. They need to put their resources and efforts in the ideal compact camera I mentioned above.

What do you think about it?