Steve McCurry is without a doubt one of my (if not the top) biggest inspirations in the photography world. He is primarily known for his work with National Geographic which he took the everlasting cover shot called “The Afghan Girl” in 1985. Since then, he’s been awarded many international prizes and also took some breath taking photos of 9/11.

Last year, he was asked to create the 2013 Pirelli calendar in the stunning Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (I will be traveling here early 2013!). Traditionally, Pirelli is known for it’s nude photos but Steve decided to break away from that and instead concentrate on featuring strong activist women who also happen to be very beautiful inside and out. I strongly urge you to watch the video embedded. Steve also doesn’t necessarily need to use the latest of photographic technology either as he is seen wielding the Nikon D3X, D2X and Hassleblad too.

Take care! I will be posting more info on my next big adventure as well as updates on my portfolio gallery!