December 14, 2013

China lands rover on the Moon

China has landed its first robotic lander on the moon, a historic lunar arrival that makes the country only the third nation to make a soft-landing on Earth’s celestial neighbor.

The “Jade Rabbit” is a very luckily named rover. It’s exciting because it’s the first time in my life time that humans landed something on the surface of the moon. Hopefully a new manned mission isn’t too far behind.

Tesla Motors plans to debut cheaper car in early 2015

Tesla Motors plans to unveil an electric car in early 2015 that could sell in the $40,000 range, a mainstream offering that could be key to the automaker’s future growth.

This is fantastic news. While many still think the $40,000 USD mark is still high, I agree with their long-term business strategy. The innovation and technological development needs to be funded from the top-end first. And from there it can be trickled down to the mass produced vehicles. Hopefully a $25,000 USD ranged model is in the not so distant roadmap.

Google adds to its menagerie or robots

It is the eighth robotics company that Google has acquired in the last half-year. Executives at the Internet giant are circumspect about what exactly they plan to do with their robot collection.

The acquisition of Boston Dynamics is intriguing. They make high end research robots for the Pentagon to mechanical dinosaurs for theme parks. Who knows what they are planning.


A Glimpse of the Future by Apple

The contextual awakening: How sensors are making mobile truly brilliant

Right now our phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are still struggling as they awaken and drag themselves towards awareness. It’s a slow process, partially because we’re pushing the limits of technology, but also because we’re pushing the limits of comfort as well. Security will be important, privacy will be important, humanity will be important. If Apple has had one single, relentless purpose over the years, however, it’s been to make technology ever more personal, ever more accessible, and so very much more human.

It’s well documented that pretty much nothing gets leaked from Apple Inc. They love the element of surprise. And it pays off. However, this doesn’t mean they have their heads in the sand. Google for example are slowly showing us what they want to create in the future with Google Glass, blimps with wifi and affordable gigabit internet connections.

This article by Rene Ritchie is fantastic. We know that the folk at Apple do indeed have a grand vision of the future. And Rene tries his very best using the information and trends we have in the past and now to foresee what they have in store. It’s a beautiful world. It’s not of android like robots, but the marriage of us, humans with devices and services that are a part of us. The human element is never tripped away but only enhanced.

Security and privacy have always been critical points for Apple and they nail it all the time. Software such as OSX, iOS, iCloud Keychain, FaceTime and iMessage are notorious for not getting viruses and highly secure with constant updates. Safe hardware features such as Touch ID along with 64-bit processors keep our unique finger print data locked to the A7 chip enclave it self.

Any company can throw all the sensors they want into their next device, but if its not secure, well-designed, seamless and user-friendly, its not worth anything.

And this is where Apple succeeds.