Now ya’ll know that I am stoked for Toronto’s V-fest 08 and that one of my life goals is to go to Coachella…I was kind of confused as to WHY the Vancouver V-fest was canned for 2008. Well I think I found out! I had NO IDEA this was even occuring, but it looks like Vancouver just had its very own music festival…in the inaugural event … the Pemberton Festival. Just check out the line-up!!!

DAMN. I am excited for V-fest, but LOOK…that line-up is NUTS.

Fri – Metric , Wolfmother , Interpol , Nine Inch Nails (WOW already!!! thats like 4 main acts in a row!)

Sat – Sam Roberts , Tragically Hip , Flaming Lips , Tom Petty (GREAT openers!!!)

Sun – Vampire Weekend (sweet indie), N.E.R.D , Deathcab for Cutie (as openers!?) , Jay -Z (WOW as an opener!?) , Coldplay ! (DAMN what a festival finale eh????) I AM JEALOUS ZEALOUS!!!! :@

And this was a REAL festival as you could camp near by the site just like Coachella and unlike V-fest.

I am totally added the Pemberton Festival to one of my Life goals. What a show!

Until next time,

Cheers !

– Sean