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The Quest To Live Forever

Google’s Ray Kurzweil on the quest to live forever

About 150 (supplements) a day. I test myself on a regular basis, and it’s working. All my measurements are in ideal ranges. I scan my arteries to see if I have plaque buildup, and I have no atherosclerosis. I come out younger on biological aging tests. So far, so good. But this program is not designed to last a very long time. This program is what we call bridge one. The goal is to get to bridge two: the biotechnology revolution, where we can reprogram biology away from disease. And that is not the end-all either.

There isn’t so far fetched as you might think. I myself take Vitamin D, Curcumin, Phosphatidylcholine, Omega-3 and Vitamin E everyday in multiples. But I just find his quest to make it to the Singularity in 2045 fascinating. Hopefully I make it there as well.


October 19, 2013

The meaning behind iOS 7’s kaleidoscope of colors

A few of the color world’s most influential experts like the choices because they fit current design trends towards lightness and harmony.

A color trend is the end result of a long process. It usually starts with designers analyzing the emotional outlook of the culture, which includes political and economic movements. When U.S. mood was uneasy leading up to Y2K, colors reflected that. Today, at the tail end of a long war and recession, many of us want to feel happy and secure. That’s why we’ve gravitated towards colors that bring about those emotions, like the purples and orange-tinged reds in iOS 7.

I found this to be a very in-depth analysis about the color pallet used in iOS 7. There are a handful of people that don’t like the new look, but for the most part, all of my friends including myself really love it.

The top 3 supplements for surviving the singularity

1) Coenzyme Q10 is very important, particularly at my age, as an antioxidant.

2) Phosphatidylcholine addresses all by itself a major aging process because that substance depletes from your cell membrane and that’s why the skin in an elderly person loses suppleness and your organs don’t work very well.

3) I’d throw in Vitamin D. It’s very important—maybe the most important vitamin to take. There’s tremendous amount of research and a consensus that that really does help prevent cancer and other diseases.

Personally, I take 3000 IU of Vitamin D every day. I used to take a little map every afternoon, but I take 3 tablets of Vitamin D after lunch and I’m good to go until bedtime. I plan to add cucurmin/tumeric to my regimen tomorrow.

Banksy paid $50,000 on security for his latest art piece

“Are you the sort of person who enjoys going to art galleries, but wished they had more gravel in them? Then this temporary exhibition space is for you,” says Banksy.

This is probably due to the fact that people are vandalizing his vandalism art work.