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Candian Music Week 2009 – The Indies


Well folks, it’s that time of year again! The time when all of Canada’s underground or not-so underground talent all come together and celebrate and rock out at an event simply called the Indies.

I am very excited this year as the nominees and set performers are just phenomenal.

The biggest prize of the night is of course the Favorite Album award by with the nominees being Constantines (Kensington Heights), Fucked Up (The Chemistry of Common Life), Hey Rosetta! (Into Your Lungs), Theory of a Deadman (Scars and Souvenirs) and The Trews (No Time for Later). My bet goes to Containtines hands down.

The other category I am looking forward to is the Favorite Group/Duo award. It comes down to Arkells, Beast, Crystal Castles, Matt Mays & El Torpedo and U.S.S. This is probably one of the competitive battles as all of these brilliant artists are deserving of this prize. But in the end, I think it will come down to either Crystal Castles or Ubiquitous Synergery Seeker. I love both of these acts, and I cannot make up my mind!!!

Anyways, The Indies will be Saturday March 14.09.

For more information, check out:

Peace out for now!

-Sean C

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Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker Live @ Johnny B’s Oshawa, Ontario

With a juicer on hand, U.S.S. is prepared and ready for anything that awaits them in 2009. Their style described as Bob Marley in a lab coat held through last night at Johnny B’s in Oshawa, Ontario.

The crowd of Seekers were provided some good ole local Canadian acts: The Rec Room and The Stables. Props go out to Kris Dickerson (the promoter) for producing such a top-notch show!

The main event of the night, of course, were nothing but stellar. Human Kebab, the man…the hype-man, seemed to inject the audience with adrenaline while vocalists Ashley kept everyone in a transcendent flow. The show kicked off with the dramatic intro of “2 and 15/16ths” and the rest of the night was history.

It’s hard to believe that the Canadian duo who released their demo and began performing live in the same month would have their songs on heavy rotation on 102.1 The Edge, and have their first video single “Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole” played regularly on Much Music and recently were awarded two CASBYs. U.S.S. triumphed over other Canadian greats such as Tokyo Police Club, Bedouin Soundclash and Sam Roberts to win those awards, pretty impressive one might say?

With this much hype just radiating from their EP “Welding the C:/”, there are definitely big things to come for U.S.S. as their full-length album “Einsteins of Consciousness” debuts early 2009.

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The Phone Wars

First of all, I’d just like to say Happy new years to everyone who visits my blog! I hope your 2009 is a prosperous one.

As a new year begins, a new chapter opens…I have finally gotten a Blackberry storm w00t! I just love this device to death.

However, the choices and alternate paths to this decision was not easy to stray from. In this day in age, there are many well worthy gagets that would love to live in your pocket.

Just the other day, I had the opportunity to go to my cousins house where we compared four of the best phones on the market; the Blackberry Bold, 8900, Storm and Apple’s iphone.

All of these phones are nothing less of good craftsmanship.  Bold is a luxury business phone with its large QWERTY keyboard and sexy leather backing. The latest addition to the  Curve lineup, the 8900 or “javelin” is what I think is a mini-bold in the body of a storm. The Storm is my baby. Its click-able touch screen plus all the legendary blackberry features like push email and BBmessenger totally sold me. Then we have the iPhone, the so called “phone to rule them all”, or so they say. I never liked the iphone or touchscreens in general, I was never able to type properly or i’d always open the wrong application.

What ever you do when thinking about purchasing a new phone or any new gadget of the matter…you should ALWAYS TRY IT OUT in store first! That’s what stores are for! You can read all the reviews and watch all the youtube demos you want, but in the end, you know yourself better than anyone else, you know what YOU want. So YOU play with it before buying.

***I got my Storm before Christmas and I am just loving every aspect of it. I know some internet reviewers have found things wrong with it, but from my experience, my Storm is flawless. I am a Crackberry Addict. 🙂


Top Ten Tracks of ’08

Well, the end of 2008 and nigh, and there were indeed a lot of crap music but also a lot of awesome new music to pump us up throughout the year. These ten songs are what I listened to the most this year.

#10 Oasis – “The Shock of the Lightning”
Official video:

Now now, you all know how big of a Radiohead fan I am, “how could you have oasis in your top ten Sean!?!?!?” well honestly, I never REALLY liked Oasis, but after seeing Noah get tackled at V-fest in Toronto and I must admit The Shock of the Lightning is pretty darn catchy…they just squeezed into the top 10!

#9 Katy Perry – “Hot n’ Cold”
Live in Liverpool:

“Katy Perry huh?” YES! I love Katy Perry no matter what anyone thinks. I believe she has one of the best new voices and tracks of 2008.

#8 Coldplay – “Viva la vida”

It’s Coldplay…can they make a BAD song?

#7 Moby – “Everyday It’s 1989”

Now Moby was the dude I was really excited to see perform @ V-fest and boy oh boy did he deliver.

#6 Ra Ra Riot – “Ghost Under Rocks”
Official video:

#5 MGMT – “Time to Pretend”
Official video:

#4 Kings of Leon – “Sex on Fire”
Official Video:

“Yaaaaaaouuu! you’re sex is on Firrreee!”

#3 Crystal Castles – “Black Panther”
Live @ Glastonbury 08:

Crystal Castles are the dynamic duo hailing from Toronto and are one of the best new bands of 2008. Singer Alice Glass was even crowed “Coolest person of the year” by NME with Jay-Z at #2.

#2 Radiohead – “Bodysnatchers”
Radiohead – Bodysnatchers (Bristow, VA 05.11.08) from rhondamarie on Vimeo.

Radiohead is my favorite band ever. Getting to see them live on their In Rainbow’s tour with one of my best friends @ the Molson Amphitheater was one of the best nights in my life.

#1 Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker – “Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole”
Official Video:
Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker – “Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole” – dir. Alon Isocianu from reactiv on Vimeo.

I predict that USS are the next big thing for 2009. Their EP Welding the C:// is just phenomenal and their full-length album should be coming out next year. This duo is just so unique and innovative with their styles on different tracks, yet their EP flows like a river. When I first listened to the whole EP, I was just inspired.