Melissa Auf Der Maur and Peace dot Love

Melissa Auf der Maur @ NXNE 09

I have just uploaded some of the photos I took of Thursdays NXNE 2009 shows which include the awesome Melissa Auf der Maur from the Smashing Pumpkins. They also include photos from the Peace dot Love co-festival with Down with Webster, Dragonette, and USS.

Check for more photos and full-reviews.



“Live in Limbo”

I am pleased to officially launch my latest internet venture, Live in Limbo!

LiL is an online magazine with the contributions of many of my friends that encompasses many aspects of life. LiL is a lifestyle and entertainment magazine with our own twist.

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Enjoy !

Random Stuff

It’s Comin’

Soon, very soon, an idea and project that I originally intended for, will finally make its debut within the month!!! I am VERY excited about it. And i’m sure you will too.

So keep your eyes opened!


Events, Music

Candian Music Week 2009 – The Indies


Well folks, it’s that time of year again! The time when all of Canada’s underground or not-so underground talent all come together and celebrate and rock out at an event simply called the Indies.

I am very excited this year as the nominees and set performers are just phenomenal.

The biggest prize of the night is of course the Favorite Album award by with the nominees being Constantines (Kensington Heights), Fucked Up (The Chemistry of Common Life), Hey Rosetta! (Into Your Lungs), Theory of a Deadman (Scars and Souvenirs) and The Trews (No Time for Later). My bet goes to Containtines hands down.

The other category I am looking forward to is the Favorite Group/Duo award. It comes down to Arkells, Beast, Crystal Castles, Matt Mays & El Torpedo and U.S.S. This is probably one of the competitive battles as all of these brilliant artists are deserving of this prize. But in the end, I think it will come down to either Crystal Castles or Ubiquitous Synergery Seeker. I love both of these acts, and I cannot make up my mind!!!

Anyways, The Indies will be Saturday March 14.09.

For more information, check out:

Peace out for now!

-Sean C