Ads like this are what make Apple Inc. different and unique from the rest of the technology companies out there. Not once are specs ever mentioned. It’s all about the emotion and what the end results are. If an Apple product seem to be weaker than a competitors device just based on the spec sheet, perhaps it is. But it is a long and tested statistic that the Apple product will function way better. It’s the marriage of liberal arts and technology that they strive for. And where they make all it just disappear into the background with the user even really noticing it is where the magic comes from.


On Creativity

Creativity is rejected

Even people who say they are looking for creativity react negatively to creative ideas, as demonstrated in a 2011 study from the University of Pennsylvania. Uncertainty is an inherent part of new ideas, and it’s also something that most people would do almost anything to avoid. People’s partiality toward certainty biases them against creative ideas and can interfere with their ability to even recognize creative ideas.

This article hits home. I see this everyday. So many hypocrites out there. We need to all learn to embrace good changes. But not for the sake of change it self.

Very much like “Intention” by Apple, there are a thousand no’s for every yes. Yet the outcome is something truly creative and beautiful.

And this topic can be followed up by one of todays design greats, John Maeda:


The Night of The Doctor

Oh, where do I begin? Steven Moffat is brilliant!

I knew that this 7 minute prequel to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary on November 23, 2013 was coming. But I had no idea the Eighth Doctor would be the star. I think that Paul McGann looked absolutely amazing. And I believe that he would have done a spot on job in his own series or two. We will probably never seen the stories in between the Doctor Who “TV movie” to this mini-episode. But I am truly grateful to see that his incarnation of the heroic Time Lord actually go somewhere. His transformation is huge going from Victorian era clothing to this rather bad ass in the middle of a war look.

But there are so many more questions now. Did the elixir from the Sisterhood of Karn give the Doctor infinite regenerations? Is “War Doctor” John Hurt actually the Ninth Doctor? If so, David Tennant and Matt Smith are all bumped up as well.

I reeked out so much after seeing this.



Argument: When Losing is Winning

Cohen says, “If we want to think of new kinds of arguments we need to think of new kinds of arguers. Think of all the roles that people play in arguments: there’s the proponent and the opponent in an adversarial, dialectical argument; there’s the audience in rhetorical arguments; there’s the reasoner in arguments as proofs. Now, can you imagine an argument in which you are the arguer but you’re also in the audience watching yourself argue? Can you imagine yourself watching yourself argue, losing the argument, and yet still, at the end of the argument saying, ‘Wow, that was a good argument.’ He continues, “I think, if you can imagine that kind of argument where the loser and the audience and the jury says to the winner, ‘Yeah, that was a good argument’ then you have imagined a good argument. And more than that, I think you’ve imagined a good arguer, an arguer that’s worthy of the kind of arguer you should try to be.”

This is also a fantastic way to look at the human ego. If one always has to and does win battles or arguments, that person will never actually learn anything new. Additionally, it will just blind the arguer to new perspectives and in the long run will eventually lose out.