While, I’ve used Macintosh computers by Apple at various points throughout elementary school, I actually purchased my very own Mac in 2010. It is the same baseline 15″ Macbook Pro that I’m typing on as you read this.

It may be a tad slow when crunching out hundreds of RAW image files or exporting high quality audio files for the podcast, but it is still kicking. I love it.

Right now, I have a lack of blog posts coming out because I’m experimenting with my new podcast Capsule. We’ve done a few interviews with some really cool musicians already and have many more coming up. So far, I’ve been reading Marco Arment’s old tips on podcasting.

The advise I am really trying to follow is focusing on content:

Don’t commit to a duration

Your podcast doesn’t have to be timed in 30-minute intervals. Nobody cares if your show was 17 minutes two weeks ago and 83 minutes last week. If you try to reach the same duration for every show, you’ll end up cutting good content or stretching the show with worthless padding (such as bumpers and introductions).

Focus on content, and end the show when you run out.

Some of our episodes are 24 mins up to 1 hour and 13 minutes! And the feedback has been better than I expected so far.