Why Healthcare.gov Sucks? Because They Hired Political Cronies, Not Internet Native Companies To Build It

It appears that the federal government basically handed this project over to the same crew of giant government contractors, who have a long history of screwed up giant IT projects, and almost no sense of the “internet native” world.

I honestly have no idea why Obama would hand over his “legacy” change to some unheard of IT company. He’s going to be remembered for this failure for a very long time. Millions of Americans are unable to sign up for health insurance. Many canceled their own plans in preparation for Obamacare, which they can’t even log into still. Obama will need to start from scratch and build a solid infrastructure of a website as important as this. He better have started already with a seasoned company.

A Conversation With Leander Kahney, Author of “Jony Ive”

One of his former colleagues, Clive Grinyer, who worked with him in London and is a big designer in his own right, said Jony Ive is more important to Apple than Jobs was. And obviously Jobs leaving Apple was a big blow and potentially devastating. But you know, if Jony Ive left Apple now, then the company would really be in trouble.

This statement says a lot about the important of Ive in the culture of Apple. And I pretty much agree with it.

Arcade Fire isn’t sorry for ‘dress code’ it issued to fans for concerts

The band had made similar sartorial demands before a show in Montreal in September and in London earlier this month, when NME reported that frontman Win Butler told the crowd: “To anyone who felt uncomfortable dressing up — I’m not sorry.”

I think people are being too serious and need to lighten up. Arcade Fire just want to have some fun with a unique twist. Why not play along? I will.