T-Mobile reportedly set to unveil “global data” plans for 100 countries 

…free global coverage in over 100 countries, with plans to launch the service later this month.

This is shocking and amazing all at the same time. I’m actually incredibly excited to hear this announcement become official at tonights T-Mobile UnCarrier event.

Imagine a world where you can be accessing the internet at home, hop on a plan, land in Paris and access your same data plan for no extra charge? T-Mobile is really doing some amazing things.

I can only hope that other carriers around the world can provide this to their customers.

Especially Canadian carriers such as Rogers, Bell and Telus. C’mon get it together guys!

Otherwise I would be tempted to purchase a T-Mobile plan and use data from Canada. Would that work?

How I Taught Steve Jobs To Put Design First

In fact, Steve didn’t really know much about design, but he liked German cars. Leveraging that connection, I explained that design like that has to be a complete package, that it must express the product’s very soul; without the excellent driving experience and the history of stellar performance, a Porsche would be just another nice car–but it wouldn’t be a Porsche. We also discussed American design, and I offended him when I insisted that American computer and consumer electronics companies totally underestimated the taste of American consumers–Sony’s success with clean design being the proof. He was gracious enough to concede that Apple didn’t make the cut, but he also said that he was out to change all that, which was why he was looking for a world-class designer.

I look forward to reading Esslinger’s new book “Keep It Simple – The Early Design Years of Apple” in it’s entirety later this month.

Samsung Unveils “Galaxy Round” Curved Smartphone

Samsung today outed the Galaxy Round, which it’s touting as “the world’s first curved display smartphone.”

Okay, I’ll admit that Samsung is the great company to mass produce a large smartphone that wraps around your leg. Why? So that it doesn’t bulge  like a brick in your pants? Or so that it can more effectively direct radiation onto a certain part of your body? Innovation at it’s finest.

HP Admits What We Already Know: Microsoft Is At War with its OEM Partners

Microsoft has to bloviate and state that it remains committed to its partners — in part because it is, which is underscored by the simple reality that the company has no choice in the matter; Surface sales are hardly the entire PC market. But at the same time you can’t directly undermine your partners with billions of dollars in investments into your own competing products and not risk slight message incoherence.

Microsoft is in such a mess that its not really funny anymore.