This is  “Rock star” South Korean teacher, Kim Ki-hoon. He is The $4 Million Teacher.

“The harder I work, the more I make,” he says matter of factly. “I like that.”

Kim actually only spends around 3-hours a week recording lectures. The rest of his 60-hour work week is spent responding and following up with his students over the internet. He charges $4 an hour.

The bulk of Mr. Kim’s earnings come from the 150,000 kids who watch his lectures online each year.

Personally, I think that the future of education is online. There are a handful of organizations such as Coursera, that bring together online courses to eager students for free. It is here to stay. Some of these include programs from highly-regarded institutions such as Stanford, MIT and the University of Toronto. Recently, Georgia Tech unveiled it’s revolutionary $6,000 USD Master’s degree in Computer Science. The coined term is “Massive Open Online Courses”.

“If you want to improve a society, the most significant thing you can do is educate its girls [and] we are committed to that,”
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But finding high-quality instructors like Kim is of utmost importance.