In this first article, researchers claim that we may not be exactly what we thought we may be. We all already know that mitochonria, the “power house” of our cells were once completely separate from humans millions of years ago. Well this research is now showing that the human genome is part bornavirus as well.

“Bornaviruses, a type of RNA virus that causes disease in horses and sheep, can insert their genetic material into human DNA and first did so at least 40 million years ago, the study shows. The findings, published January 7 in Nature, provide the first evidence that RNA viruses other than retroviruses (such as HIV) can stably integrate genes into host DNA. The new work may help reveal more about the evolution of RNA viruses as well as their mammalian hosts.”

In this second article, scientists have found that Prions, which are defined by NCBI as “Prions are unprecedented infectious pathogens that cause a group of invariably fatal neurodegenerative diseases by an entirely novel mechanism.” Not to mention incredibly hard to kill, may not even require DNA to continue to evolve into even more deadly forms.

“…Researchers document these lifeless structures evolving, despite the fact that they lack any DNA or RNA.”