Ride Report: Ride4UnitedWay 60K, 2019

I’m started to like non-race events. I get to practice some road handling skills, meet like-minded people, and simply have fun. 

Ride4UnitedWay took place in Durham, ON. A place I haven’t been since graduating from UOIT! 

Initially, I was going to do the 100K route, but there was a severe thunderstorm warning. So I switched to the 60K to be on the safe side. But in a strange turn of events, there wasn’t a drop of rain. We had some gusts and a very welcomed overcast. 

My cycling has improved significantly. I am now comfortable and can pass people on steep climbs, and am confident on thrilling descents.

To-do: I still really need to learn to grab my water bottle, and eat while riding.

This was a fun event because my friend Randall came along. His longest ride was 40K, so this was a big event for him, and I’m so proud of his fast progress! 

Strava log

At the end of the ride, we feasted on a free lunch. We had a veggie burger with quinoa salad. Good times!


Winter is Coming: Indoor Training

What do you do on a Sunday morning when some of your buddies and idols are racing @nycmarathon? You watch the livestream while you ride of course! Intense & sweaty 66KM grind in 3hours on @gozwift @gozwifttriathlon. Got some work done on it too hehe. Love riding my @trekbikes #trekdomane Domane on the @wahoofitnessofficial KICKR core ????? I was starving after toasted up sourdough rye and layer those mofos with peanut butter, berry spread, bananas, and eggs ?????. Good times #hardworkpaysoff #nolimits#zwift #betterwithbikes #gozwift#FindFaster #wahooligan #THISIS30#paincave

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Race Report: My first Triathlon at TTF

Very happy and humbled with my first #triathlon race at @TorontoTriathlonFestival today! It was cloudy and drizzling, but that didn’t stop 1,500 participants from bringing their A game. That was significantly more challenging than I was expecting. Swimming in open water is very different and a lot colder than a gym pool ?. I almost quit twice after getting kicked in the face in the swim and went off course a few times…resorted to back stroke and pushed through. Riding through the core of Toronto on the Gardiner was a special experience. The winds and rain was insane to ride though. And running directly after bike feels funny. Literally the whole time I was telling myself “just get to the run”. Almost went onto the run course with my helmet still on ? but this is where I made up some time and passed people. Definitely learned a lot about myself and the triathlon process. My nutrition plan worked, but can always use improving. I can’t wait to prepare for my next one. Thank you to all the Triathletes, volunteers, event organizers, and people of #Toronto for making it a truly special day! (Probably going to have pneumonia tomorrow) ??????????????? #TriathlonTO#DigInYouGotThis #SwimBikeRun#HardWorkPaysOff #THiSIS30


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Tomorrow I make my Sprint Triathlon debut. @TorontoTriathlonFestival, I’m ready for you! Despite being in a car accident earlier this week, I didn’t let that stop me seeing my favourite band @Radiohead return to #Toronto. And I’m definitely not letting it stop me from beginning one of my dreams to complete a #Triathlon. I’m physically fine, but still a little mentally shocked. I will move on. A Triathlon will be a new one for me as I’ve haven’t practiced swimming in open water or in my wetsuit too much. A newbie cyclist as well. I will be swimming 750M, cycling 20KM, and running 5KM. I can complete these all individually, but haven’t done all three with the transitions yet. Additionally, the nutritional element and timing will be experimental and improving as I do more of these events. Good luck to everyone doing the Sprint, Olympic, and relay races tomorrow morning! #TriathlonTO #DigInYouGotThis #SwimBikeRun #HardWorkPaysOff #THISIS30 #BetterWithBikes #FindFaster #PocSports #RunningonClouds

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New Bike Day: TREK Domane SL5

#NewBikeDay – Say hello to Diana. After many months of research, conversations with friends and cyclists, I finally picked up my first road bike (or any bike for that matter)! Thanks to Dan and the experts at @trekbikes / @trekstoreaurora for setting me up the the #Trek #DomaneSL5. She’s a true carbon beauty ?????. I’m absolutely sure she’s going to whip my ass into shape and give me bruises and scratches ?. Can’t wait to give her a full ride! #BetterWithBikes #ShowYourStripes#Trek #TrekBikes #THISIS30