Welcome Aboard My Journey

Hello everyone! It’s been almost 3 years since I’ve posted on here. So much as happened in my life. And I can’t wait to share it with you. I made this channel and website because I believe in challenging the status quo and proving that the average person can live a long healthy life. 


In the first 29 years of my life, other than a few swimming classes and softball games as a kid, I’ve had barely any physical activities. I had a terrible diet with processed foods, meats, dairy, junk food, and fast food. 


How will I do this? I find that creating a platform for accountability absolutely helps. Ex. Apple Watch and Reddit groups, or running groups. Gyms. So far, I found that the running community on Instagram to be super positive and supportive. So I feel keeping my website and YouTube up to date will keep me more accountable and consistent.


What will I do to make this sustainable and continually making it both challenging and fun? I will keep you all updated on future races /events I plan to part take in. And also do in-depth recaps of past events. And reflect on things like race preparation training , day-of experience, what I learned from it, and how I plan to address and overcome these short comings . Together we will share insight to all create a better version of us.


2012 Resolutions

I want to wish everyone a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year! I have made 4 main New year’s resolutions for 2012.

1) Do things that make me happy. [Already got my first car! 2005 Mercedes E320]
2) Learn new topics/fields that interest me. [I spent New Year’s weekend learning all about Supply Chain Management for fun even though it currently has nothing to do with what I do]
3) Eat and live healthier.
4) Spend more time with my family and friends.

I never liked the idea of “giving things up”, but I do enjoy the idea of “doing new things”. And I hope all of your can do something you love and be productive and successful in 2012!