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Jobs by Joshua Michael Stern

Jobs (2013) film

The film desperately needs some sort of unifying story. It jumps around in time too much. No part of the story really gets fleshed out so much that you care about it. I would much rather the film covered the launch of Apple as a company, say, rather than trying to cram 24 action-packed years into two hours.

Last night was the premiere of the Steve Jobs biopic featuring Ashton Kutcher. Despite the mixed reviews and negative backlash, I found it pretty refreshing, bold and honest. If I was someone who did not know about the history of Jobs, then I can see how one would see the film as a bit choppy. Many good points of his life were not fully represented such as his time at NeXT and Pixar. However, I think that Kutcher portrayed him pretty raw and accurate for the most part. We got to see the ups and downs of one of the most iconic innovators of the last century.

An extended version or even a part 2 is needed, as many want to see the story continue through the iPhone, iPad and his unfortunate death.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak discussed the film on Bloomberg.  He stated that he found a lot of things wrong with “Jobs” but generally liked Kutcher’s portrayal of his long time friend and business partner. Woz is consulting on the Aaron Sorkin adaptation of the biography of Steve Jobs.

10 things I learned going it alone

Commercial success comes through that continual improvement, not by somehow “getting it right” first time around.

In the film, we saw how the Apple II was major revenue generator for the company. I believe that the first impression is worth a lot. However, a leader is a good one when they are able to quickly learn from their mistakes and see the cons of their business, work or service. And then improve the next version 10-fold.