Rooting on Nikki

What a fun and productive way to spend a Sunday morning! The CFNAC Family got together to support @nikkimatarazzo on her upcoming dream of competing at the @crossfitgames#Regionals! We did our first 1 mike run outdoors and then an intense 40 min all out WOD. Thrusters, pull-ups, burpees, knees to elbows, kettlebell swings. All the good stuff ??We then indulged in true CrossFit fashion with @progenex Haute cakes and….bacon! ??I unintentionally set a 1km PR at the same time ??????(wasn’t even planning on this) and also got my #EarthDaybadge ? #THISIS30

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TNA No Surrender PPV

Hey ya’ll

I just got my tickets to TNA Wrestling’s first PPV outside of the USA. No Surrender will take place at the GM Center in Oshawa near by my university!!! How awesome is that??? I am stoked!

I will finally be able to get chance to meet some of my all time favorite wrestlers like “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, Sting and all the upcoming stars like LAX, Kaz, Black Mashismo and Sharkboy LOL.

Anyways, it goes down on Sunday Sept 14.08.