During my recovery, I used my time to fill myself with knowledge that matters the most to me. Normally, I’m a fan of reading physical paperbacks, but with my recent PRK laser eye surgery, I wanted to avoid straining. Fortunately audiobooks are a thing. I listened to 5 inspiring books on Audible. Additionally, I caught up on 20 podcast episodes on a wide range of topics from health, fitness, nutrition, and even paranormal mysteries. I strongly recommend you check out these books: “Chasing Excellence” by @benbergeron, “Finding Ultra” by @richroll, “The Obstacle is the Way” by @ryanholiday, “Free Will” by @samharris, and “Sleep Smarter” by @shawnstevenson. Even in what seems like downtime, make the most of it. Use it as an opportunity to grow. “Never whine, Never complain, Never make excuses.” – Ben Bergeron #THISIS30