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November 2013


November 15, 2013

Gmail is boiling the frog – and we are the frog

Google has sucked millions of people into its web by delivering a feature-packed email service that comes only at the price of our privacy. And, as we continue to enjoy its benefits – and compare them, usually favourably, with the alternatives, we must face the unavoidable reality that we have sold our souls for free email.

The longer people continue to use Gmail and their other Internet services, the more personal data Google will collect over the masses. As a long time user of Gmail and Google Docs for collaboration with my team, I found it incredibly hard to move away from. But the ads and privacy issues reached a threshold where I could not take it anymore. And this is why I recently migrated all of my business and personal email from Google Apps for Business to Rackspace. I love it.

However, I still do keep my free account solely for things such as subscriptions, news letters and certain mailing lists.

DDR4 memory will be released by next month

The DDR4 will only eat up 1.2Volts as stated by Crucial , while having twice the speed of DDR3 Memory. DDR4 will run on a base memory speed of 2133MHz while having 4GB as their minimum density. According to the chart, we can see that DDR4 is 100% faster than DDR3, requires 20% less voltage and has 300% more density than that of DDR3.

Why hello there DDR4 RAM. I can’t wait to meet you. Of course, this new RAM will be pricey at the get go. But I’m hoping that by next years second iteration of the new Mac Pro, the prices for the whole package will come down.

PS4 UX is powered by WebGL

When you login to your PS4 you are running #WebGL  code. The PlayStation Store, the Music and Video Applications, as well as a good chunk of UX are all rendered within the browser.

Personally, I think this is brilliant. Oh, and I received my Playstation 4 via the fine folks of Canada Post today. The craftsmanship of the PS4 controller is solid and awesome. The PS4 console itself is an absolute jewel as well.


The Night of The Doctor

Oh, where do I begin? Steven Moffat is brilliant!

I knew that this 7 minute prequel to the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary on November 23, 2013 was coming. But I had no idea the Eighth Doctor would be the star. I think that Paul McGann looked absolutely amazing. And I believe that he would have done a spot on job in his own series or two. We will probably never seen the stories in between the Doctor Who “TV movie” to this mini-episode. But I am truly grateful to see that his incarnation of the heroic Time Lord actually go somewhere. His transformation is huge going from Victorian era clothing to this rather bad ass in the middle of a war look.

But there are so many more questions now. Did the elixir from the Sisterhood of Karn give the Doctor infinite regenerations? Is “War Doctor” John Hurt actually the Ninth Doctor? If so, David Tennant and Matt Smith are all bumped up as well.

I reeked out so much after seeing this.



November 13, 2013

Get Shit Done: The Worst Startup Culture Ever

It’s bad management. Poor communication.

Telling them to just get shit done is like telling a fat person to “just lose weight”. It’s like telling a wide receiver to “just catch the ball”. It’s like telling a kid to “just get better grades”.

It shows a disregard for the actual context of the situation.

A true manager will actually seek out the root cause of the problem, and solve for those issues.

This is such a great article for any kind of director or manager. Getting shit done is worse than getting nothing done.

How Long Do Disk Drives Last?

Imagine you have a disk drive supplier who provides drives that are 100% reliable for six months, but then all fail at that point. What’s the annual failure rate? If you have to keep 100 drives running at all times, you’ll have to replace the drive in every slot twice a year. That means that you’ll have to replace 200 drives each year, which makes your annual failure rate 200%. So, in theory at least, there is no worst possible failure rate. If every drive failed after one hour of use, the annual failure rate would be 876,000%.

I always have multiple backups. Time Machine on an external hard drive , a redundant NAS RAID-5 array and cloud backup. My data and photos mean everything to me. Make sure to back up what you cherish, because you never know.

Jony Ive and Mark Newson Talk About Design for Product (RED)

Its truly brilliant to see two of the best industrial product designers today team up for such as worthy cause to fight AIDS.

Apple’s $10.5B on Robots to Lasers Shores up Supply Chain 

“Their designs are so unique that you have to have a very unique manufacturing process to make it,” said Muthuraman Ramasamy, an analyst with consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, who has studied the use of the machinery. “Apple has so much cash that they can invest in cutting-edge, world-class machinery that is typically used for aerospace and defense.”

This is great. Put that cash hoard to good use for innovative production versus only pleasing investors with buybacks. I can’t wait to see what Apple creates next!


Moving From Gmail/Google Apps for Business to Rackspace Email

In light of recent infamous IMAP email issues between Gmail and Mail App in OSX Mavericks, I finally felt that I needed to make a change for the better. This isn’t the first time Google  has messed with Apple’s iOS and Mac users. They swiftly removed push email sync from Gmail accounts and making them use their subpar IMAP service. This was a surprise to many.

Yes, services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc. are free and for many “good enough.” However, you get what you pay for. These are free so expect there to be ads, commercials and offers to buy more things so that they can afford their bills too.

Google is also going to be embedding advertisements into their Gmail system. Furthermore, Google broke their promise in 2005, to never show advertisements in their search results. I am sick of this garbage. I just want my content. I just want my email.

Google is known to “kill off” high quality services with little to no good reason. Google Reader was picked off ? and most recently iGoogle, which I used as my homepage. Now I have Reddit set as my home page.

Even the likes of respected entrepreneur and developer Marco Arment ditched Gmail for another good paid service called For me, I required something a little bit more such as push notifications.

Personally, I decided on Rackspace because they offered something unique that I cannot find anywhere else. Instead of purchasing a Microsoft Hosted Exchange account for $10 a month. I am able to purchase their regular Rackspace email IMAP account for $2 per month and add their unique “MobileSync” feature for an additional $1 per month. This MobileSync is based on Exchange’s ActiveSync technology. Essentially, it allows me to get emails pushed instantly to my iPhone without all the extra fancy frill of Hosted Exchange. I think having this feature is a gigantic plus.

Captain DeadBones Chronicles also shares my thoughts on the superb services at Rackspace.

“We live in a ‘Zero Time Communication Age’. Internal and external digital communication has to be fast and reliable in order to succeed.”

The only downside that I can see of using Rackspace is that your order needs to be a minimum of $10 USD a month. I decided to go with 3 business email accounts and 1 personal. And adding Mobile Sync to one business and the personal addresses to reach this minimum amount.

Changing MX Records to point from your domain host to Rackspace email servers is simple too.

Assistance from Rackspace is top-notch. I can get a hold of anyone there within 20 seconds. Rudy and Haley (a few others as well) at Rackspace are amazing customer service representatives and promptly guided and answers by questions. Thank you!

Spam filters are pretty much spot on and just as good as Gmails in my opinion thus far.

Once you’ve fully migrated all of your emails over to your new account at Rackspace, they will let you know. And from there, It’s very easy to setup MobileSync on your iOS device and Mac Mail. Did I mention you get a 14 day free trial to test out their service?

In conclusion, there are a plethora of free services such as Gmail and Yahoo that can offer adequate email functionally. But all of them are cluttered inorganic content and an increasing trend of blasting ads in your face. And it will only continue to get worse. There is peace of mind in knowing Google doesn’t have control over your mission critical email.

This is why I love companies such as Apple and their philosophy of not needing their customers personal data for their business.

Rackspace believes in the same concepts and have a concern and care for their customers personal data. I like and don’t mind paying for high quality services that allow me to get through my business related messages in a secure, streamlined and organized fashion.

There is truly something special and liberating about “owning your email”.