Opinions on BBX

I watched the entire RIM presentation live today. Basically, the brand new “BBX” operating system is a marriage of BB OS 7 and QNX. They strictly talked about the OS and it’s “under the hood” technicalities. No new hardware in particular yet. From what I saw, they have a lot of neat graphical and UI features baked into the OS. However, imo they only seem like fancy things that would drain battery and not something I care too much about in a mobile device.

Their presentation overall was pretty yawning for the most part. I understand it was for devs only too, but they didn’t get too many dev cheers. BBX also has a new BBM Social app thingy…they showed off some Android to BB app converter, but it kept crashing on stage…

Overall, as usual, on paper, new BB’s seem like they should be successful, but they never turn out to be anymore these days. I was really really hoping they’d do something amazing today. Balsillie promised it was a going to “leap-frog” the competition…I personally, did not see an ounce of that at all.