Ladies and Gents, I am so thrilled to tell you all that I got a great email yesterday from my good friends at ThinkTank Photo. Many of you know that I absolutely LOVE the camera bags ThinkTank makes, especially the Harddrive StreetWalker which I use for travels and the Retrospective 30 for street photography. However, the creators of ThinkTank have not ditched this amazing company, but have formed a new one called MindShift Gear which is targeting the professional outdoor photographers.

” The rotation180° professional backpack brings camera access to a new level.  Its rotating waist pack allows nature and adventure photographers to maintain creative momentum by offering immediate access to primary photo equipment in even the most precarious situations without having to take off the pack, sling it over one shoulder, or even stop hiking.”

Please support the MindShift Rotation180 Kickstarter campaign!

If you are an outdoors or wildlife photographer, I strongly urge you to watch the product demonstration video on the Kickstarter page.

While a fantastic product that I am excited for, I have some of my own suggestions. I’d like to see the option to have the rotating beltpack to come out from the left side of my body when on my back. Why? Because I tend to have my camera on a BlackRapid strap RS-7 (or alternative) for quick hand access on my right side (I am right handed like most). I can see some fumbling if both my camera and the beltpack are to come from the same side of me.