Race Reports

Milton 2023 Race Report

Hello! Haven’t posted in a while. Summer training went well. I got my dream tri bike and did a lot of training over the winter. And I just did my first triathlon race of 2023! 

Back in Milton, ON as an opener to get the motions of a triathlon in play for the rest of the season. 

The RACE [Official Time: 01:55:08]

Swim (750m) – 18:48min @ 2:30/100m 

Even though I increased my Critical Swim Speed (CSS) over the winter significantly, I am still finding it difficult to translate to open water. My legs still sink, even in a wet suit. I need to work more on my kicking. Today my brand new Magic5 goggles kept fogging. So I had to stop at 3 turn buoys to clear it out. I lost a ton of time here. Going to try other goggles ASAP. Anyways…

Bike (30K) – 57:59 mins @ 31.04kph 

The bike is where I saw some good improvement over last year. A full 1kph faster and more confidence in aero position. This was the highlight of the day for me. This is always a breath taking fun hilly course with a big descent near the end. Thrilling. 

Run (7km) – 32:14 mins @ 4:36min/km 

The run was good. A bit slower than last year. But I forgot to “flip the switch” earlier on. I didn’t have any fatigue or lack of nutrition or energy, I just for some reason go harder until the last 1km. I probably should have around 4km. By the end I felt “too comfortable” for a sprint, I know I should have pushed harder way sooner. Anyways this is the purpose of today’s season opener. 


No amazing result, but a good effort for the first race of the year. Main lessons today is to find new swim goggles, going to try Orca Killa180 as recommended by my good friend Steve Upton. Work on my kick to get my legs higher to the water surface.

My T1 and T2 was about 45seconds slower each than last year. So I need to work on faster transitions as well.

My A Race is still IRONMAN Florida in November. Redemption is waiting! 

Congrats to my coach Miranda Tomenson on winning and Steve for making the podium in 4th!


Video Recap: IRONMAN Mont Tremblant 2022 Race Experience

On August 21, 2022 in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada, I became an IRONMAN. Thank you to my mom and dad for their constant support. Thank you to my family and friends for always cheering me on. Thank you to all the volunteers, race organizers, police, and spectators for making these events happen. Thank you to friends on course Amy D, Steve Upton, Phaedra Kennedy, and Ian Lawrence (who interviewed me on his podcast An Athlete for Life, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JnSN2…) Thank you to my coach and friend Miranda Tomenson of Tomenson Performance & Wellness for making my dream finally come true. Until the next time… My detailed IMMT 2022 Race Report: http://seanchin.com/2022/09/02/ironma…

Photos & video from Parents, Phaedra Kennedy, FinisherPix, Maged Doss

Original music by Agah Bahari


No Human is Limited

Four really good podcasts that just came out this week.

  1. The Secret To A Happy and Contented Life with Eliud Kipchoge (The World’s Fastest Man)


The most inspiring athlete of our generation

2. Off-Season Training: Why and How You Should Detrain on Purpose


Recover intentionally and as hard as you trained

3. Physiology, testing and respiratory training with Andrew Sellars, MD


Shares two case studies that are similar to me. Relatively high HR and poor swim technique.

4. Olav Aleksander Bu – Coach of Kristian Blummenfelt & Gustav Iden (Part 1)


“There is no speed without power, and there is no power without calories” – coach Olav


Podcast: An Athlete for Life Episode 2

I’m grateful to have made so many new friends along my journey. And on the road to IRONMAN Mont Tremblant, I got to meet Ian Lawrence @hybridathlete4life_training on IG, then in real life at Muskoka 70.3. We both completed our very first full distance triathlon this season and I was so honoured that he brought me on his new podcast to share my story to achieve this feat of fitness, grit, and passion for the sport. It’s now available to listen to on Apple Podcast (see below), Spotify, and the video version is on YouTube! (see above!) Thank you so much for this opportunity Ian! If I can do it, anyone can if you put your mind to it!