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STWM 2018 Final “Weigh-in”

#TrustinTheProcess: Final weigh-in with @inbodyusa before the carb-loading for the @Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon this Sunday. I knew that I’d probably lose a bit of muscle mass with all the cardio workouts but that’s expected for endurance training. However, I also shredded some excess body fat too. Overall, I’m energized and excited for my first 42.2km race. My nutrition is dialed in. I’ve been getting 8h30 of sleep every night. And bumping my sodium intake accordingly. Potassium levels. I’ve done everything I can nutritionally, mentally, and physically with cross-training. TRUST IN THE PROCESS…let the #carbloading begin!


Infrared Laser Therapy

Haven’t been posting a lot this week. That’s because I’m focused and hard into marathon training. With a week to go until #STWM, I’ve been tending to my ankle and getting all kinds of treatments done to it. Got some laser therapy done by my chiropractor. Does it work? Who knows ????? Any thing is will do at this point…foot extensor tendonitis is a bummer. Overall it’s greatly improving and should be ready for race day. I’m so happy to be seeing my friends prepare and tapper. Especially proud of @attherockshow with his amazing progress while I’m on the side line. It’s weird not being able to run before. But fortunately I enjoy going all out on the rower and bike. They aren’t quite the same, but they still work the legs, upper, cardio, and most importantly endurance. Looking forward to watching @lsanderstri, @danielaryf, @jgomeznoya, @lucycharles93 tear up the course at @ironmantri KONA this weekend! #nolimits #infinitepotential#hardworkpaysoff #intotheunknown


Ankle Issues??

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS. After all the ankle issues I’ve been having on my left foot, and still racing the Spartan Beast and Toronto Zoo 10K (personal best too!), I went to the ER to get an X-ray. I’m pleased to report that no bones are broken. PHEW. I was really concerned about it! All I need to do is relax, do some laser therapy and massages, eat to recover, and I should be good to run #STWM Marathon in 4 weeks. The only thing that will be a downer is that I won’t be able to get the last few speed workouts, taper runs, or CrossFit. Gotta prioritize what’s important, and that’s all on the Marathon. Thanks to everyone who’s messaged me with their concerns and well wishes ?? #hardworkpaysoffs#infinitepotential #nolimits