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Race Report: Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2019


This race was one year in the making. It was the REMATCH from my very first full distance marathon at STWM last year, where I totally hit the wall and finished in a death march of 5:17…on October 20, 2019, I got true redemption.

Finish Time – 3:39:36



A – 3:45

B – Sub-3:40


For this Fall Marathon cycle, I used the Stryd Wind footpod with coach Steve Palladino’s “Power Project”. It was a 17 week @ 7runs per week, LR on Sunday program. I thoroughly enjoyed this program as it is based off Power, rather than pace and/or heart rate, which are traditionally used. There are so many variable factors when it comes to HR, that while it is a good indicator of effort, it’s not very consistent. Whereas power is a raw number. Initially I was skeptical, but kept reading more research and good things about it. Power is primarily used in the world of cycling to great outcomes, so why not in running? I decided to give it a shot, and it paid off. 

I did a ton of very easy training runs to build my aerobic base. And two truly hard speed work/interval sessions per week. Within my plan, I also did a much slower paced 50K Ultramarthon follow up a few weeks later with a very fast 10K hilly. My hope is that these two would combine and have an overall positive physiological change in my body and system.  

While not part of the training plan, I was fortunate enough to have the Ironman World Championship in Kona and Eluid Kipchoge’s INEOS 1:59:59 Challenge be broadcasted just the week prior. These were definitely the extra motivational fuel I needed for STWM. 


  4x Endurance Tap 

  • 250mL flat coca cola with 1/4 tsp Himalayan pink salt
  • Water from every aid station
  • Used 2 GU Energy gels at aid stations after 30K
  • PS Coconut oil makes an easy natural chaffing cream!


  • Nike Vaporfly 4%
  • Nike Dri-Fit shirt
  • Nike Flex-Stride shorts
  • Salomon hydration belt
  • Compresport Socks


There were no excuses on this day. The weather was absolutely beautiful at around 13C with mix sun and clouds. I got into the Yellow corral and lined myself up with the 3:40 pacer Jason. And at 8:51AM on Sunday Oct 20, 2019, we were off! I don’t know what it is about marathons, but when I do them, the miles go by really quickly. We went by so many iconic landmarks downtown Toronto. I saw 10K, 15K, 25K, 30K fly by. 

I saw a handful of good friends racing and spectating. my high school friend Zuzanna, who did the 5K race, greeted me at the half way mark, which was so awesome. I saw Joyce from the WeRunNorthYork crew multiple times throughout cheering from the side. 

Steve Palladino of the Power Project prescribed me a power of 215W based on the entire training plan and numerous Critical Power tests. I averaged around 220-225W give or take just to give myself a little buffer incase. I was aerobically fit, breathing comfortably enjoying the spectators cheering on, without breaking a sweat, and with a smile on my face up to around 35K. Breathing began to slightly increase, the temperature outside began to rise to 16C and the sun started to break out. Then the final 5K starting at the 37K mark is when I entered the pain cave. My quads and hamstrings started stiffening. But I dug really deep mentally and pushed on. Looking at my watch I knew I was close, and emptied the tank to do everything I could to break 3:40. I didn’t stop once the entire race. I trusted my training. I had fun. I crossed the finish line. 3:39:36. PB time baby! 


After I crossed the finish line, I stopped my Apple Watch, and had a big smile on my face. I did it. I slashed my A and B goals. If I can figure out how to hold the pace for the final 5K, I could have possibly gone for 3:30. Next time. I have the entire winter to experiment, build, and improve so much more. 

My recovery smoothie which included a Banana + 1 Date + 1/2 cup frozen blueberries and 1tsp Tumeric powder was consumed within 30 mins. 


My May Marathon attempt (3:55) redeemed myself. But I had to slay my STWM demon (5:18) no matter what. I’ve used my CP in a 5K and 10K race, but not a Half-Marathon. So I wasn’t sure if I could hold my race pace for that long. Oh boy, did I surprise myself. I held it pretty much until 37K. I absolutely loved training and racing with power now. And will continue to going forward in road races, and as well as my triathlons. 

A big congrats to all my friends who ran their hearts out. I’m so proud of my good friend Randall Vasquez for completing his first marathon!


Now that I i’ve learned that I can hold my race pace up to the 37KM mark, I need to figure how to keep the fire going or at least not let it slip too much in the final 5K. It’s probably still the race nutrition. Maybe some extra calories starting at 35K. Need to do more strength work for hamstrings and quads next time build muscular power. I look forward to indoor training the winter. And you bet that I’m excited for my 2020 season!  


Some TO Marathon Analysis

A brief little analysis of my two marathons. While I did not “hit the wall” in spectacular fashion like at STWM, I did slow down a tad, yet stayed beloved my race pace at the Toronto Marathon. The follow data is from my Strava

As seen above, in Toronto, I began to slow down starting at 19KM. I noticed this, and started taking my flat Cola at 25KM throughout 35KM. I’m thinking next time, I’ll start taking it BEFORE I actually start to slow. So maybe around 17KM? 

Similarly, at STWM I began to slow down at around the 15KM mark. And while it wasn’t totally bad at that point…you can see how bad not training for an entire month prior due to ankle issues was. At 24KM, I not just hit the wall, I crashed and burned in it. Yet somehow mustered up a way to speed up to the finish line.

Anyways, just a little interesting thing I’m being aware of for my rematch with STWM this October 20, 2019.

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Race Report: Toronto Marathon 2019

Here we go. It’s been a week since the Toronto Marathon and I’ve had good time to reflect. This was the second crack at the full marathon 42.2KM or 26.2miles. If you remember, my first one at STWM last year did not go exactly as planned. Yes, I finished, I became a marathoner, but without proper training and running an entire month before, I hit the wall in stunning fashion at 30KM. I finished STWM in 5:18…it was time for redemption.


A – run without hitting the wall

B – sub-4:00


This training block, I got appropriate physiotherapy from Dwane Rebello of Spectrum Sports Institute. This got my left ankle back in working form. This allowed me to complete a 12-week Running Room training plan with 4:00 goal marathon race plan in mind.

Prior to this during winter, I did a bunch of intentionally ridiculously slow Zone 2 Heart Rate (~135bpm) long distance runs on the treadmill. This is one of the best parts of the treadmill as you can really dial in a pace according to your heart rate. I did 4 of these half-marathon 21.1KM distance big slow runs in total. I feel like this really benefited my winter aerobic build up. 

In addition, I strength work 4-days a week. This involved 4 main compound movements. Deadlift, Backsquat, Overhead press, and Bench press. I found that these staple resistant weightlifting really help develop my core, and back structure and form. 


  4x Endurance Tap 

  250mL flat coca cola with 1/4 tsp Himalayan pink salt

  • Water from every aid station. No Gatorade as it doesn’t sit well in my stomach
  • PS Coconut oil makes an easy natural chaffing cream!


  • Nike Vaporfly 4%
  • Underarmor singlet 
  • Patagonia strider pro shorts
  • 2XU compression long socks 
  • Apple Watch Series 4


3:30AM – Wake up

3:40AM – 32oz Water + BCAA/Creatine

4:00AM – Breakfast Bowl* with coffee

5:00AM – Stretch & Yoga routine 

6:00AM – Leave house

6:30AM – Arrival to Yonge & Sheppard Centre 

6:35AM – Bagel with peanut butter, strawberry spread, honey

7:00AM – Clif Bloks Black Cherry + 50mg caffeine 







I dropped by backpack at bag drop-off at 6:45AM near the start line, which was actually still being set up for the 7:30AM start time. I met up with awesome Instagram running friends Lisa, Joy, Denoja, Vanessa, and Jon. We went to find the 1:50 pacer. But we kind of ended up doing our own thing. Joy, Lisa, and myself pretty much stuck together for the first half of the race. Being in their company really made time fly. I got a quick surge of gratitude within the first 2K when I heard someone yell “Yeah, go Sean!”. It was my good friend Randall, who was doing the Half-Marathon later on that day. The weather was absolutely beautiful, I could not have asked for better race conditions. I felt pretty good from the get go. There was one big hill at 8K, but then the course became an overall downhill and then flat for the most part. We pasted by some cool spots like Casa Loma, the CN Tower, St. Lawrence Market, Ontario Place, and many tempting restaurants along the way. 

I took an Endurance Tap at 8K, 12K, 16K, 20K. Like I said, I felt pretty solid. While I did not hit the wall, I started my legs begin to slow down at around 28K. So, I immediately began sipping on my flat coke throughout up to 35KM. It’s weird because I don’t normally drink coke (from my weight loss journey), I was surprised that it actually worked magic on me during a long race. My legs quickly got energized within a few minutes. The last 5K stretch along Lakeshore was pretty draining, and I dug deep to keep the pace. I recall my eyes closing at times, as I just wanted to push through. When I saw my Watch at the 1:50 mark, I started to get a little worried, but knew if I kept to my plan, I’d be fine. I did not want to be greedy, and blow up by accident. I stuck to my pace and the sub-4 goal would be mine for the taking. The only 200m was a sudden uphill and then across the Ontario Place bridge to the finish line in front of the Better Living Centre. Crossing the finish was an amazing feeling. I did it. I accomplished what I originally wanted to do, but failed at STWM last year, which was to run a sub-4 hour marathon. 3:55:37.2 to be exact! I PBed by 2 hours! I sub-4-ed a marathon! 


When I saw the clock at the finish line, I was thrilled and relieved. I hobbled over to a volunteer and received a ginormous finisher medal. This thing is the size of a pancake! I surprisingly felt pretty good overall. My form was good, and other than the normal soreness expected, I was in pretty good shape aerobically and structurally. I made my way into the the Better Living Centre to get a banana, coconut water, and some Clif bars. I collected my bag, and changed into some dry clothing. I found Lisa and Joy and we all got a nice photo of the three of us and our super sized medals. 

I’m usually not craving any solid foods after big bouts of effects. But I knew my body was in much need of nutrients, and it’s best to consume them within 30 minutes. I whipped out my Recovery Smoothie which includes Banana + 2 Dates + 1/2 cup frozen mangos, 1sp Tumeric powder, and Iron Vegan Sprouted Protein. It was delicious. 


I felt like I had solid form all the way through. This somehow, was by far the single best athletic performance of my life, so far. It was most likely the combination of spectacular weather, the 12-week training, nailing the nutrition, and the positive vibes. 

Getting my own squat rack and doing compound strength training movements such as deadlifts and back squats really help improve my lower back and core stability. The training paid off. I also noticed that my appetite returned much quicker after an extensive long run effort than before. And I guess my body is now getting used to the longer distances. I had no muscle cramping, no noticeable stomach issues, and never really got out of breath. 

While I was sore the following 2 days, it was expected. What I was surprised about is how NOT so terrible my body felt versus STWM 2018. 

Also, if you’re wondering, the Nike Vaporfly 4% lived up to the hype. They are an absolute dream to race in. I will only be using them for important races as I’ve heard that don’t last too long, and the cost a pretty penny. But if they’re good for the great Eliud Kipchoge…then why not? 


I’m very happy with the training plan I followed for the Toronto Marathon. While, I know that I have something that works, I still want to strive for a 3:30 goal time next. 

Before I get into full training for STWM 2019, I will do a few more of those Zone 2 HR super long runs, to continue building my aerobic base. 

Thus, I’m now looking for some other training options, possibly a coach, and/or using power with the STRYD foodpod. 


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What do we say to the god of DNF? NOT TODAY. They say #Hardworkpaysoff…AND I CASHED THAT IN. Finally hit my goal at @torontomarathon this gorgeous day! SUB-4 hour marathon with an official time of 3:55:37.2. I had to dig so deep in the last 3K. Big props to @belovedrunner & @joysofrunning for running with me the majority of the course. It was awesome seeing @attherockshow root me on at the beginning, and congrats to him on completing the Half!! Thank you so much everyone, the organizers, volunteers and spectators for this BEAUTIFUL RACE ??????? All #poweredbyplants ? More thoughts to come after sleep, food, and of course Game of Thrones…#MyTorontoMarathon #TorontoMarathon #veganathlete

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My 2019 Race Schedule

These are the races and events that I will be taking part of in 2019.

Some are road runs, and some are triathlons.

April 28 – Run for Southlake 5K, Newmarket, ON [23:24 PB]

May 5 – Toronto Marathon 42.2K, Toronto, ON [3:55:37.2 PB]

June 2 – Milton Triathlon Sprint (750m swim, 30K bike, 7K run), Milton, ON [ 3:02:25.1] *2 Crashes + 2 Mechanicals

June 23 – Tour de Guelph 100K (Non-race event)

July 7 – Ironman 70.3 Muskoka (1.9K swim, 90K bike, 21.1K run), Muskoka, ON [8:16:37 PB]

July 22 – Toronto Triathlon Festival Olympic (1.4K swim, 40K bike, 10K run), Toronto, ON [3:17:49.1 PB]

August 18 – Ride4UnitedWay 100K (Non-race event)

Sept 8 – Haliburton Forest 50K Ultra Trail, Haliburtion, ON  [07:07:12.80 PB]

Sept 22 – Toronto Zoo 10K, Toronto, ON [49:31.1 PB]

Oct 20 – Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 42.2K, Toronto, ON [3:39:36 PB]