Ride Report: Ride4UnitedWay 60K, 2019

I’m started to like non-race events. I get to practice some road handling skills, meet like-minded people, and simply have fun. 

Ride4UnitedWay took place in Durham, ON. A place I haven’t been since graduating from UOIT! 

Initially, I was going to do the 100K route, but there was a severe thunderstorm warning. So I switched to the 60K to be on the safe side. But in a strange turn of events, there wasn’t a drop of rain. We had some gusts and a very welcomed overcast. 

My cycling has improved significantly. I am now comfortable and can pass people on steep climbs, and am confident on thrilling descents.

To-do: I still really need to learn to grab my water bottle, and eat while riding.

This was a fun event because my friend Randall came along. His longest ride was 40K, so this was a big event for him, and I’m so proud of his fast progress! 

Strava log

At the end of the ride, we feasted on a free lunch. We had a veggie burger with quinoa salad. Good times!