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November 2018

Nutrition, Triathlon

Quick morning update!

Goooood morning! I just completed my first swim since the Toronto Triathlon Festival this past July. Signed up for the TOWER 26 program with coach Gerry Rodrigues, and am very excited to improve on my swim game for next season! To me, breakfast is my favourite and most important meal. It sets the tone of the day. I love getting 3-4 slices of toast and smothering it with raw honey, 100% natural peanut butter, bananas, and DYI blueberry chia/hemp spread. Start the day right!

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Winter is Coming: Indoor Training

What do you do on a Sunday morning when some of your buddies and idols are racing @nycmarathon? You watch the livestream while you ride of course! Intense & sweaty 66KM grind in 3hours on @gozwift @gozwifttriathlon. Got some work done on it too hehe. Love riding my @trekbikes #trekdomane Domane on the @wahoofitnessofficial KICKR core ????? I was starving after toasted up sourdough rye and layer those mofos with peanut butter, berry spread, bananas, and eggs ?????. Good times #hardworkpaysoff #nolimits#zwift #betterwithbikes #gozwift#FindFaster #wahooligan #THISIS30#paincave