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June 2018

Race Reports, Spartan Race

Race Report: Spartan SUPER, Ski Brimacombe 2018

Pouring rain during a Spartan Race? Sure why not? Bring it! If you want to fast track to hypothermia, climb steep ski mountains and crawl through mud in the rain ?….but honestly today was pretty awesome. Finished the @Spartan Canada SUPER event. It’s twice as long as yesterdays SPRINT. So we had around 14KM, and I completed it in 2:30:15. 54/1017 Overall, 52/673 Male, TOP 10/111 Age category! I’m pretty happy with my result despite still recovering and being pretty darn sore from yesterday. These are definitely the first attempts at trail running in my life as well. I absolutely loved running through the forest and bushes. Such a sense of freedom and beauty! I’ve never done back-to-back races in any capacity, so I really went out of my comfort zone this weekend. Thank you to all the volunteers and organizers at @SpartanRaceCanada & @spartanbuildcanada for making this magical weekend happen! (I’m gonna be hurting the next few days ?) Now to rest properly…and I have my eyes set on completing my #SpartanTrifecta when I slay the #SpartanBeast in September at Highlands Nordic, Duntroon, ON!???????#AROO #SpartanToronto #HWPO#HardWorkPaysOff #SpartanRaceToronto#SpartanRace #OCR #OCRathlete #JustDoIt#TimeToPlay #THISIS30


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#tbt #transformationtuesday “You are the average of the five people you most associate with.” – Jim Rohn. One couldn’t say it any better. Tim Ferris also emphasizes this concept and it makes total sense. This is the effect of the “tribe” one decides to be a part of. For me, it’s my family first, then my running, and CrossFit communities. I had the utmost privilege of spending the past weekend doing a mix and blend of the two physical activities I love at Spartan Race Canada, with badass awesome members from the @crossfitnewmarketcentral box. AROO from our start corral to Dean, Ryan “The Viking”, Skyller, Cross, Sean, Cindy, and Iryna (not in pic)!! #AROO #SpartanToronto #SpartanRace #OCR #OCRathlete

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Race Reports, Spartan Race

Race Report: Spartan Sprint, Ski Brimacombe 2018

Today I officially became a Spartan! After a year of running and 6-months of #CrossFit training, the two went hand in hand for this obstacle course race. I finished my first ever @Spartan “SPRINT” in 1:21:24. 140/2445 overall, 121/1358 Male, 15/201 age group. This was about 7.7KM where we had to tackle 20-ish obstacles. From climbing walls, running through trails, carrying sandbags, many steep hills, crawling through mud, and jumping through fire…I never thought I’d ever take part in one of these. But I did it! And am totally proud. Now with the SPRINT in the books…tomorrow I get to do it all over again in the “SUPER” at @SpartanRaceCanada, which is twice the distance and twice the fun. Yay me #AROO (the only part that sucked literally was when my shoe got stuck in the mud, cost me 2 mins lmao) #StrongerAsOne #HardWorkPaysOff#SpartanToronto #SpartanRaceToronto#SpartanRaceOntario #SpartanRace #OCR#OCRathlete #THISIS30


New Bike Day: TREK Domane SL5

#NewBikeDay – Say hello to Diana. After many months of research, conversations with friends and cyclists, I finally picked up my first road bike (or any bike for that matter)! Thanks to Dan and the experts at @trekbikes / @trekstoreaurora for setting me up the the #Trek #DomaneSL5. She’s a true carbon beauty ?????. I’m absolutely sure she’s going to whip my ass into shape and give me bruises and scratches ?. Can’t wait to give her a full ride! #BetterWithBikes #ShowYourStripes#Trek #TrekBikes #THISIS30


Swimming for the first time in 10 years…

Today was special to me. I went for a proper swim for the first time in about ten years! And I wasn’t too shabby at all. I was very fortunate to have a former competitive swimmer @jamesyboy101 spot me as well. Immediately after swimming I did a brutal #WOD consisting of Overhead Snatches with squats and then the met con of:

400m run
25 box jumps #24
25 Wall Balls #20

#HardWorkPaysOff #swimming #crossfit#crossfittraining