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April 2018

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Race Report: Run for Southlake 2018

What a lovely day to run or walk with 1500+ awesome people to support Southlake! While on a chilly side, the sun was out to greet us and it was all fun. New PR! #RunforSouthlake #THISIS30


Rooting on Nikki

What a fun and productive way to spend a Sunday morning! The CFNAC Family got together to support @nikkimatarazzo on her upcoming dream of competing at the @crossfitgames#Regionals! We did our first 1 mike run outdoors and then an intense 40 min all out WOD. Thrusters, pull-ups, burpees, knees to elbows, kettlebell swings. All the good stuff ??We then indulged in true CrossFit fashion with @progenex Haute cakes and….bacon! ??I unintentionally set a 1km PR at the same time ??????(wasn’t even planning on this) and also got my #EarthDaybadge ? #THISIS30


Precision Nutrition Certified

They say “do what you love”. My vacation is over, and Wrestlemania has passed. That means it’s soon spring running season! And after many years, I’m hitting the books. As a licensed healthcare professional and background education along with my newfound passion for fitness and nutrition, it’s time for a little merging of the interests. I listen to a ton of health & sports related podcasts, and heard about @PrecisionNutrition over and over. I’m also required to take continuing education course, so this is a win-win. I finally took the plunge and enrolled into the Pn1 certification program. 100% excited! #PrecisionNutrition