Server Upgrade

OK. Just wanted everyone to know that after many happy years with Bluehost, I’ve decided that it was finally time to move this blog and some of my other major projects¬†Live in Limbo and Voice of Valeri over to a faster Virtual Private Server (VPS) at Knownhost. I actually learned quite a bit about web servers and other technical details about the migration process. Both very intriguing and exhausting at the same time.

I have nothing but high praise for Bluehost, there is nothing wrong with them at all. I’ve always been able to contact them direct 24/7 and have any issues I had fixed pretty swiftly. So why did I move away from them? Well, Bluehost is a “shared-host” in that on one server, they host hundreds of other clients websites and databases with a shared IP address. My larger websites like Live in Limbo have been starting to get much higher traffic and a lot of CPU throttling issues have been plaguing the performance of the site.

Enter VPS, I get a dedicated IP address which helps greatly for SEO and web presence. I also get a guaranteed amount of RAM from my server which results in much better loading speedings and consistency in performance. In the world of VPS, there are different managed types including unmanaged, managed and hybrids. Knownhost is a fully managed VPS service, so I still get around the clock technical support from experts and management systems like cPanel.

Earlier this week, I went ahead and purchased the VS-2 package from Knownhost which includes 960MB of RAM, 40GB of RAID-10 disk space and 2.5TB of bandwidth. This is pretty competitive in my opinion when compared to others such as WiredTree and LiquidWeb. These guys were super helpful, especially Dan and Paul who escalated my concerns and successfully migrated all of my websites’ data and files over to their servers. So far I am extremely happy with their support and strongly recommend them for anyones hosting needs.

Update: The VPS-2 package has since been generously upgraded to 1024MB Guaranteed RAM, 50GB RAID-10 Disk Space, 2x Priority 8+ CPUs, and 2500 GB Premium Bandwidth, at no extra cost to me.