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Thoughts on Mining Space

So, you may have heard about this brand new startup called Planetary Resources in the news lately. And it’s the real deal! This organization is being led by some of the affluent billionaires in the world. Individuals such as Eric Anderson, Peter Diamandis, James Cameron and Google CEO Larry Page as well as many more will be out and about in space to harvest precious minerals from near by asteroids.

This venture is going to be revolutionary, it is the film Avatar coming into reality in the search for the conceptual “ubobtainium”. Essentially, Planetary Resources will be out hunting for things platinum and fresh water. Perhaps they can do to platinum what we’ve done with aluminum? Imagine all the breakthroughs in technology and science that could be achieved with vastly cheaper precious metals.

You can also bet that this high-cost mission will reap astronomical rewards for the team as well. Mashable states that all of the elements in certain asteroids could be worth 20 trillion dollars!

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