A Journey to Cape Town

I recently returned from a trip to Cape Town in South Africa. I’m not going to lie, if I had to describe the journey was one word, it would literally be “epic”. And I’m not talking about the overused term epic as this was very inspirational and self-enhancing. Traveling is also fun and exciting for me as part of the experience is meeting new people. I won’t go into detail but I met a cool mens fashion photographer from NYC, a luxurious mom and two sons from Brazil and a really bratty Swiss girl. That’s one thing about my whole trip that was really odd. On my safari at Inverdoorn game reserve just a few hours from Cape Town, there was a traveler from Sweden who kept complaining about everything! The heat, the bumpy roads…it’s a SAFARI in Africa! What in the world were you expecting??? You just cannot satisfy everyone. Besides that, I have now touched down on 4 continents…just two more to go and I now total at 22 countries.

I have over 20GB of photos to sort though, but you will see them (eventually).

Currently reading “Screw business as usual” by Richard Branson.