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May 2010


Thoughts on LOST

Having been an avid follower of the television show LOST for the past 5 years, I decided to jot down some of my feelings and interpretations after the series finale ended. I was initially left with mixed feelings and felt somewhat ripped-off, however later while sleeping I felt a sensation of great satisfaction and closure to one of the greatest television shows in history.

The reality is that everything occuring on the mysterious island was real, and in the end, Jack manages to kill the man in black (MIB) and save the island before dying in the bamboo forest he has awakened in the pilot episode. He died while he the last satisfaction of seing his friends leaving the island on the Ajira plane.

Afterwards, Hurley assumes the new “Jacob” as Ben become his right-hand man and the two protect the island with some new policies, by allowing people to come by, and allowing desmond to leave it to go back with Penny.

Kate, Sawyer, Richard, Lapidus, Miles and Claire come back to the real world and live their life to the end, in their own separate and distant story lines we will never know about.

In the very end, everyone that was on the island manages to die (that’s life) and as they were all very important to each one, they all manage to reunite in “purgatory”, some after life waiting room where everyone seems to live a “near perfect life” where their main dissapointed in their real life is fixed (ex. Jack having a son to fix his parent-son poor own relationship with Christian, Locke having a real family with Helen, Hurley is not cursed, Desmond has gained Widmore’s approval, Faraday is a pianist).

In this “Happy Ending Storyline”, as they were all very important, they manage to remember their life together (ever since some died long ago and some recently) and being together helps them moving on. I truly feel that what everyone thought has a “flash sideways” was actually not so. I believe it was more of a “flash future renunion party”.

The matter of the fact is that what I loved is that the show seems to tell us that in the very end of our lives, we will be reunited with every person we ever loved in our life, every one who has a special place in our heart, leaving us with a special opportunity to make amends, to say what hasn’t been said in time, and to be in peace for real.

Random Stuff

So Long Undergrad!

Hello !

I’ve been busy for some weeks now, but I’m glad to say that I finally finished my Undergraduate degree! That’s right, I am now Sean Chin, BHSc (Bachelor of Health Science with Honors).

I also just switched from PC, and got the brand new 2010 MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.4Ghz Core i5. Totally wish I did this sooner.

Anyways I still have to study my butt off for the Med lab national board examinations, CSMLS.

And…E3 is just around the corner as well. Looks like my summer is going to be interesting !

P.S LOST has two more episodes until the 2.5 hour-long finale ! And Doctor Who is still awesome 🙂