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January 2010

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UOIT’s New Coat of Arms

I just wanted to share some great news! My university, UOIT, has finally showed off their new official Coat of Arms.

It consists of a falcon perched at the very top, with two horses bearing an upside down canoe and book.

You can check out the ideas and meanings behind it by clicking here.

I personally think its pretty good looking. Perhaps a bit too much blue, but I think it will be nice on my degree parchment this coming June 🙂

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Start With Why

Leadership is a valuable asset that many aren’t born with, but can certainly develop. And accomplish wondrous things.

In this TEDx talk, author of the book “Start With Why”, Simon Sinek describes what sets “those who lead” apart from “leaders”.



I just wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year! May 2010 bring you good health and prosperity!