With a juicer on hand, U.S.S. is prepared and ready for anything that awaits them in 2009. Their style described as Bob Marley in a lab coat held through last night at Johnny B’s in Oshawa, Ontario.

The crowd of Seekers were provided some good ole local Canadian acts: The Rec Room and The Stables. Props go out to Kris Dickerson (the promoter) for producing such a top-notch show!

The main event of the night, of course, were nothing but stellar. Human Kebab, the man…the hype-man, seemed to inject the audience with adrenaline while vocalists Ashley kept everyone in a transcendent flow. The show kicked off with the dramatic intro of “2 and 15/16ths” and the rest of the night was history.

It’s hard to believe that the Canadian duo who released their demo and began performing live in the same month would have their songs on heavy rotation on 102.1 The Edge, and have their first video single “Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole” played regularly on Much Music and recently were awarded two CASBYs. U.S.S. triumphed over other Canadian greats such as Tokyo Police Club, Bedouin Soundclash and Sam Roberts to win those awards, pretty impressive one might say?

With this much hype just radiating from their EP “Welding the C:/”, there are definitely big things to come for U.S.S. as their full-length album “Einsteins of Consciousness” debuts early 2009.