Some TO Marathon Analysis

A brief little analysis of my two marathons. While I did not “hit the wall” in spectacular fashion like at STWM, I did slow down a tad, yet stayed beloved my race pace at the Toronto Marathon. The follow data is from my Strava

As seen above, in Toronto, I began to slow down starting at 19KM. I noticed this, and started taking my flat Cola at 25KM throughout 35KM. I’m thinking next time, I’ll start taking it BEFORE I actually start to slow. So maybe around 17KM? 

Similarly, at STWM I began to slow down at around the 15KM mark. And while it wasn’t totally bad at that point…you can see how bad not training for an entire month prior due to ankle issues was. At 24KM, I not just hit the wall, I crashed and burned in it. Yet somehow mustered up a way to speed up to the finish line.

Anyways, just a little interesting thing I’m being aware of for my rematch with STWM this October 20, 2019.