November 11, 2013

Mobile is Eating the World

This is one of the best overviews on the “station of mobile computing” by Benedict Evans. The data and presentation slides are brilliant.
The final, big reason why young people are gravitating towards messaging apps is that many of these apps no longer do just messaging. They are social networks.
The trend for Facebook’s downward usage like every social platform before it begins.

Simplify, simplify. My online life is already cluttered enough, and I never did like Google+, so I deleted it, and perhaps you should, too. Now there’s one less egg in my Google basket, and I never have to pay attention to anything that has the word “Google+” in it again — just like I did with LinkedIn (stop inviting me, everyone in the world), Pinterest, and a number of other things I had no use for.

Agreed. I’m starting to see what platforms I can cut the fat from.

How a Blacksmith Learned to Code 

Everyone everywhere is pushing this whole “Learn To Code” movement, but is it actually possible? This former Blacksmith/Farrier says a resounding: “YES!”

Very inspiring. I have made a goal to learn as much as I can about iOS and/or OSX development throughout the next year or two.