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Virgin Festival 2008: Confirmed

My credentials just came through for the 2008 Virgin Festival here on the beautiful Toronto Islands. We got a reviewer and two photographers prepared to hit the battle fields on September 6 and 7. V-fest is all about giving many upcoming indy bands the chance to rock it out along side with some of the biggest international acts in the world.


8-bit wonder…Crystal Castles

I NEED to see this band live.

You know those times you think you got everything organized and such, and then it hits you that you totally missed out on something? Yeah that happened to me.

I just realized that I missed a FREE Crystal Castle concert @ the Harbourfront center early july and they won’t be coming back till MAYBE after october…

I am totally hooked on this band as of lately, and I recommend all indy fans to check them out if you haven’t done so already.

Luckily, I can make myself feel better because i’m seeing Radiohead in FIVE days 🙂

Cheers !

– Sean C

Events, Music

In The Pit

After a good ole show, when ruffling through the few gigabites of photos I took, I like to analyze the “crowd” shots and look at the audiences expressions. I have included just 3 of my fave “crowd” photos in this post. The first one is from Toronto V-fest 2007, the 2nd is from a Sloan concert @ the Kool Haus, and the 3rd is from the CMW Indie Awards @ the Sound Academy (formerly The Docks).


Music Festivals …

Now ya’ll know that I am stoked for Toronto’s V-fest 08 and that one of my life goals is to go to Coachella…I was kind of confused as to WHY the Vancouver V-fest was canned for 2008. Well I think I found out! I had NO IDEA this was even occuring, but it looks like Vancouver just had its very own music festival…in the inaugural event … the Pemberton Festival. Just check out the line-up!!!

DAMN. I am excited for V-fest, but LOOK…that line-up is NUTS.

Fri – Metric , Wolfmother , Interpol , Nine Inch Nails (WOW already!!! thats like 4 main acts in a row!)

Sat – Sam Roberts , Tragically Hip , Flaming Lips , Tom Petty (GREAT openers!!!)

Sun – Vampire Weekend (sweet indie), N.E.R.D , Deathcab for Cutie (as openers!?) , Jay -Z (WOW as an opener!?) , Coldplay ! (DAMN what a festival finale eh????) I AM JEALOUS ZEALOUS!!!! :@

And this was a REAL festival as you could camp near by the site just like Coachella and unlike V-fest.

I am totally added the Pemberton Festival to one of my Life goals. What a show!

Until next time,

Cheers !

– Sean