Ankle Issues??

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS. After all the ankle issues I’ve been having on my left foot, and still racing the Spartan Beast and Toronto Zoo 10K (personal best too!), I went to the ER to get an X-ray. I’m pleased to report that no bones are broken. PHEW. I was really concerned about it! All I need to do is relax, do some laser therapy and massages, eat to recover, and I should be good to run #STWM Marathon in 4 weeks. The only thing that will be a downer is that I won’t be able to get the last few speed workouts, taper runs, or CrossFit. Gotta prioritize what’s important, and that’s all on the Marathon. Thanks to everyone who’s messaged me with their concerns and well wishes ?? #hardworkpaysoffs#infinitepotential #nolimits

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Race Report: Oasis Toronto Zoo 10K

Beautiful race at @thetorontozooas always! Despite my ankle now hating me, and getting a side stitch, and not running at all this past week, I managed to shave 6 mins off my time from last year! Chip time for a hilly and chilly 10k is 50:38.9 PR! Also PRed sub-25min my 5k! Congrats to @attherockshow on breaking the 1 Hour mark! Congrats to @born.a.beast on placing 3rd in her category in the 5k race! Now time to heal up my ankle as much as possible. A big thanks to the @runcrs organizers, @oasiscanada for sponsoring, the amazing volunteers, and of course the animals for another great #ZooRunTO ?? Now all eyes focused and set on the #STWM #Marathonin 4 weeks! ??????More thoughts and analysis from today to come… #nolimits#hardworkpaysoffs #InfinitePotential #SISU#THISIS30 #OasisZooRun

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Race Report: Spartan Beast, Nordic Highlands

“Let’s see if the mind is telling the truth, or if the body has more….” – Officially SLAYED the #SpartanBeast ??. Had a beautiful #SpartanRace today in #Duntroon. Despite my left ankle and right calf not being 100%, I really enjoyed the spirit and vibe of all the racers. My finish time is 3:01:30. The ankle thing really slowed down my pace from what I would have liked. From these OCRs, I’ve really learned that I enjoy trail racers and running through the trees, shrubs, and dirt grounds. I believe I got my race nutrition plan down, however, I feel like I need to increase my sodium intake to retain water. Will research and work on that. Also got to catch up with awesome people like @free_athlete_iryna, @skyllerdanis, and @tonyfyogafitness! I am GRATEFUL to all the volunteers, the engineers of @spartanbuildcanada, and organizers at @spartanracecanada who devote their time and effort into making all of these amazing experiences happen #SpartanOntario#TrifectaTribe #NoLimits #HardWorkPaysOff#THISIS30


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Happy #MedalMonday! This past weekend I did something I never thought I would have ever done. I finished the Spartan Beast and completed the Spartan Trifecta medal! Even just a year ago, nothing like an obstacle course race remotely appealed to me. I was never an active kid growing up, I’m a germaphobe, and I like this tidy. So I really had to dig super deep, push away my insecurities, move forward, and express my grit. I’ve met so many inspiring like-minded people along this journey, learned so much about myself as a human, and every moment of the experience is absolutely worth it. Now I am proud to be a member of the #TrifectaTribe. AROO!!#SpartanOntario #SpartanRace #NoLimits #HardWorkPaysOff #THISIS30

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Race Report: My first Triathlon at TTF

Very happy and humbled with my first #triathlon race at @TorontoTriathlonFestival today! It was cloudy and drizzling, but that didn’t stop 1,500 participants from bringing their A game. That was significantly more challenging than I was expecting. Swimming in open water is very different and a lot colder than a gym pool ?. I almost quit twice after getting kicked in the face in the swim and went off course a few times…resorted to back stroke and pushed through. Riding through the core of Toronto on the Gardiner was a special experience. The winds and rain was insane to ride though. And running directly after bike feels funny. Literally the whole time I was telling myself “just get to the run”. Almost went onto the run course with my helmet still on ? but this is where I made up some time and passed people. Definitely learned a lot about myself and the triathlon process. My nutrition plan worked, but can always use improving. I can’t wait to prepare for my next one. Thank you to all the Triathletes, volunteers, event organizers, and people of #Toronto for making it a truly special day! (Probably going to have pneumonia tomorrow) ??????????????? #TriathlonTO#DigInYouGotThis #SwimBikeRun#HardWorkPaysOff #THiSIS30


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Tomorrow I make my Sprint Triathlon debut. @TorontoTriathlonFestival, I’m ready for you! Despite being in a car accident earlier this week, I didn’t let that stop me seeing my favourite band @Radiohead return to #Toronto. And I’m definitely not letting it stop me from beginning one of my dreams to complete a #Triathlon. I’m physically fine, but still a little mentally shocked. I will move on. A Triathlon will be a new one for me as I’ve haven’t practiced swimming in open water or in my wetsuit too much. A newbie cyclist as well. I will be swimming 750M, cycling 20KM, and running 5KM. I can complete these all individually, but haven’t done all three with the transitions yet. Additionally, the nutritional element and timing will be experimental and improving as I do more of these events. Good luck to everyone doing the Sprint, Olympic, and relay races tomorrow morning! #TriathlonTO #DigInYouGotThis #SwimBikeRun #HardWorkPaysOff #THISIS30 #BetterWithBikes #FindFaster #PocSports #RunningonClouds

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