Post-PRK Laser Eye Surgery

I CAN SEE! Though still kind of hazy and out of focus here and there. But I had a pretty good PRK Laser Eye Surgery experience at #Bochner Eye Institute. A BIG thank you to Dr. Raymond Stein and his staff for their wealth of knowledge, care, and expertise. They freed me from 15+ years of terrible vision. My prescription was around -8.5 in both eyes. My entire world was literally seeing the bokeh of a f1.8 prime lens. It’s been a week since the procedure and have had minimal discomfort and side effects thus far. The one funny frustrating thing was that I was absolutely dying to get back in the gym or run out side. Even though I was “off sick” due to the fact that I couldn’t clearly see to drive to work or see fine details, my whole body and limbs was perfectly fine. To counter this, I annoyed the crap out of my mom by walking around the house hundreds of times to keep my step count over 10,000 and did light tabata movements to keep the blood flowing. I can’t wait to get my hands on a barbell. Overall, this was definitely a positive milestone moment in my life where I got time to recover and reflect on the important things I value. Plus, I get to wear these nifty “solar shades” for a few weeks. Doctors orders! My vision only continues to improve from here. I’m absolutely looking forward to doing more fun activities this summer and taking my life to the next level #THISIS30


Final Weigh-in: 28-Day Nutritional Challenge at CFNAC

I’m humbled and thrilled with my #InBody results from the #28DayNutritionalChallenge at @crossfitnewmarketcentral / @crossfitauroracentral. Coming to the end of the month long experiment, I met my goals and surprised myself a little and learned so much. I GAINED 5.2 lbs, primarily in lean muscle mass in my upper limbs and legs. And LOST 1.6% Body Fat from 13% to 11.5%. My upper body strength has also increased as I can do 2 straight pull-ups (my goal is 10 unbroken in a years time), and recently, I PR’ed my #deadlift joining the “200 Club”. While all of these stats are fantastic and great for accountability, I also learned how important #NUTRITION is in getting fit and staying healthy. Humans need clean nutrient-dense foods in the appropriate amounts and portions to fuel our bodies, along with high quality supplementation, especially when we’re bringing it to the gym. I’m thankful to @ryanabushcf, @runharv, & @truenorthgrit and the whole #CFNAC community for being inspiring positive role models to not just the competitive warriors, but the normal folks like me. I look forward to continuing on this path to even more gains. Stay tuned! One step closer to being the #FittestonEarth! ????#THISIS30 #INTHEOPEN

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Workin’, Liftin’, Pullin’, & Climbin’

A little collection of clips of what I’ve been up to lately in the box.

I can finally do two straight pull-ups

Backsquat PR at 150 lbs.

I can climb like a monkey (kinda)

I joined the “200 Club” recently in Deadlifts

Bench presses still freak me out the most. Working on it!

Still feeling drained and sore from Fridays #WOD, which involved #BenchPress strength work, #dumbbellpress, and #AirAssault Bike #metcon. Upper body and gluts are BURNT. All in a good days work at @crossfitauroracentral / @crossfitnewmarketcentral ?? But learning about the importance of #REST & #RECOVERY is very eye-opening. Gaining strength and lean muscle REQUIRES these two key elements. In 2018, I’ve implemented more of these into my training schedule. I’m striving to get at least *8-HOURS* of solid quality SLEEP EVERYNIGHT. And on weekends, it doesn’t mean I’m being a total couch potato!! Instead of running and high-intensity interval training, I’m doing a very light (~115bpm) Elliptical movement for 30 minutes, and finally doing #YOGA! It’s actually NOT as “easy” as I thought it was. Definitely works on balance and breathing technique ?? So far I’m embracing and loving it. #cfnac

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Overhead stuff still needs better form. Get those elbows parallel!


28 Day Nutritional Challenge at CFNAC

Today is day 1 of the #28DayNutritionalChallenge at my box @crossfitnewmarketcentral / @crossfitauroracentral! We had a fantastic turn out of 96 participants! Everyone got a delicious athlete dietician approved 4 week food prep schedule and recipes. It is really neat as we are going a Before and after #InBody Measurement and photos. From this I get to see my body composition and NOT just BMI. Initially, It shows what I already figured out in that my upper body / arms really suck strength wise. I was confused and anxious from my results as it shows that I actually need to GAIN weight now in order to build muscle. I guess I did an extremely good job last year at burning it all off eh? Anyways I’m considered a “clean slate” now I guess. After some reflection this totally makes sense. I need calories to build muscle, and once I’ve gained what I want, then I can cut the fat later. I know how. And I’m doing to be having a one-on-one session with @ryanabushcf about my goals.


1 – Gain 4 lbs of lean muscle mass (1 lb per week)?
2- Do more Weight lifting and Squats

3-Feel okay with putting back on some weight even though that means some fat too

4-Take Protein Recovery Shakes after workouts

5-Take DHA/EPA + Mag/Cal for all 28 days

6- Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night

*GOALS in 3-6 MONTHS:*

1- Have defined Abs?

2- Be able to do 10 Pull-Ups unbroken

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