December 6, 2013

Google why so evil?

What I do have issue with is that Google has been hiding behind the “Do No Evil” moniker for most of its life and really with what has been transpiring in the last few years, Google really needs to come clean and drop that part of its mission statement.

Daniel goes on to list a number of valid points where Google is up to no good with your personal data. I highly recommend this article, so bookmark it.

Microsoft ends Windows 8 retail sales

But officially, the major PC vendors — like Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo — will discontinue most Windows 7 PC sales in October 2014, making Windows 8 and its follow-ups, including Windows 8.1, the default.

This makes me vomit. I work in health care and very few things make me sick, so this means something. I feel so sorry for every future PC owner who is now going to be forced to use Windows 8.

74% of Apple devices running iOS 7

Android, on the other hand, suffers from much worse device fragmentation. Just 1.1% of Android devices are currently running Kit Kat, the latest operating system.

Any OS developer would kill to have this kind of adoption rate.