Amy Webb: How I Hacked Online Dating

I better get started on some spreadsheets.

Twitter discloses its I.P.O. plans

Potential buyers aren’t the only firms eager for a piece of Twitter’s offering. Wall Street banks have battled for months for the privilege of leading the stock sale, which will bestow prestige and bragging rights. Goldman Sachs won that fight and is serving as lead underwriter along with with Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Allen & Company and Code Advisors are joining as additional advisers.

I’m hesitant in invest in most “social media” companies such as Facebook and LinkedIn. However, I find Twitter to be exceptionally useful for breaking news.

Obamacare vs. Canada: Five key differences

Obamacare is a huge step in American health reform and, if it seen to improve the system, will represent a major victory for Democrats. Like other major reforms of the past, however, it will entrench the private nature of the system, and likely render national health insurance, or anything remotely like “Canadian-style” health care, impossible to attain.

There are certainly pros and cons for the US to adapt the Affordable Healthcare Act aka “Obamacare”. The transition won’t be easy, but he wants to extend medical coverage to the 15-20% of America that does not have it.

Samsung may have spied on sealed Apple-Nokia documents to aid patent deals

The company’s legal negotiator, Dr. Seungho Ahn, apparently told Nokia that its terms with Apple “were known to him,” despite the fact they were marked “highly confidential — attorneys’ eyes only.” This means they should have been for Samsung’s outside counsel only, and strictly off-limits for gaining leverage in any negotiations. Court documents show that up to 50 Samsung employees were given non-redacted copies of Apple agreements with not only Nokia, but Ericsson, Sharp and Philips, too.

This has been a terrible week for Samsung thus far.

Adobe gets hacked compromising 2.9 million users

From what Adobe has shared so far, it sounds like the hackers had access to encrypted data for as many as 2.9 million customers. While Adobe stresses that the data is encrypted and that they “do not believe the attackers removed decrypted credit or debit card numbers”, that data — encrypted or not — is definitely notsomething they want out in the wild.

No Creative Cloud for me…Oh, and they took the source code as well.

Lorde: Pure Heroine

She gets so caught up in the feeling that she lets herself blurt something truly vulnerable: “I’ve never felt more alone/ It feels so scary, getting old.” Lorde’s music is quietly wise to a particular modern irony: Beneath every #DGAF there’s a person who secretly gives a fuck about something, and behind every anti-pop song there’s a singer who—just likeeverybody else—knows what it’s like to feel happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time.

Most of the time I can understand the fine folks over at Pitchfork. But in this instance, I have to say that the 16-year old New Zealander deserves at least an 8.0/10 on her debut album.