Rewired nerves control robotic leg

The major advance is that the man does not have to use a remote-control switch or exaggerated muscle movements to tell the robotic leg to switch between types of movements, and he does not have to reposition the leg with his hands when seated.

Another step to cyborgism. But seriously, this is breakthrough technology that is enhancing the lives of the many disabled people.

John McAfee reveals details on gadget to thwart NSA

McAfee said the idea for the device came to him well before computer analyst and whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked National Security Agency documents that exposed widespread monitoring of U.S. citizens’ phone calls and Internet communications.

Mr. McAfee might be a bit “crazy” at times, but he’s a genius at all times. “There will be no way (for the government) to tell who you are or where you are.” he says. I can’t wait to see what this device actually is or how it works.

Nikon files patents for an interchangeable sensor camera

Of course, this isn’t a new idea. Medium format cameras have allowed photographers to switch out backs since the film days.

It will just be amazing to see all the choices consumers will be able to configure in the future.

Facebook admits its ads are too annoying

Why Facebook isn’t already paying attention to such feedback from the people it supposedly runs its service for isn’t explained. It may be deduced from the way Ge’s post carefully balances promises to both ad-beseiged users of Facebook and the companies paying Facebook to besiege them.

You don’t say?

After 13-year ban, China to allow game console sales

China’s State Council, the country’s top decision maker, announced on Friday that companies could eventually start selling game consoles across China. In order to get the hardware on store shelves, however, the companies would need to have their devices approved by the Ministry of Culture. It’s not clear what might cause a particular console to be banned from sale.

Great. Just what the world needs. A billion-or-so more Asian gamers.

Bunnies can fly…proof

The above is cynically tragic.