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September 1, 2013

Google “defragging” Android

Google’s strategy is clear. Play Services has system-level powers, but it’s updatable. It’s part of the Google apps package, so it’s not open source. OEMs are not allowed to modify it, making it completely under Google’s control. Play Services basically acts as a shim between the normal apps and the installed Android OS. Right now Play Services handles the Google Maps API, Google Account syncing, remote wipe, push messages, the Play Games back end, and many other duties.

Only about 6% of users have the latest version of Android while 93% of users have iOS on their Apple mobile devices. It looks like Google is backing away from it’s dedication of “open-source” operating systems. Didn’t work out too well for you eh?

Windows 9 and 10

Details on Windows 10 were also provided, with claims that the future operating system will be a “cloud OS,” meaning that all of the processing and computing would be done on Microsoft’s servers, and be streamed to your computer, completely eliminating the need for a powerful rig and only requiring the basic bits to run peripherals and such.

If this is true…keep digging Microsoft. This will be an all you can eat buffet for the NSA.

Ben Johnson says he’s better than Usain Bolt

“Well, he’s an all-around sprinter, 100, 200 metres,” Johnson said of Bolt during the interview that aired Friday. “But, I think Ben Johnson is the best sprinter, 100 metres.”

Is that with or without Cheetah? Ben also refers to himself in third-person numerous times in this interview. What a joke.