An interview with Richard Branson and Elon Musk

This is a very neat hangout with two of the worlds most innovative and inspirational people. I love when they talk about futurist projects such as space travel: SpaceX and Virgin Galactichyper loop and entrepreneurship.

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta apologies for being so wrong about medicinal Marijuana 

The number of people who die from smoking Marijuana is abysmal. Deaths caused by alcohol and cigarettes far exceed that of pot. Why it’s still illegal in North America beats me.

What if novelists (or any non-athelete) took steroids?

Why are only athletes like A-Rod and Lance Armstrong being shunned upon for using substances that improve their abilities? Suppose ANY person who made money off a talent or skill was not allowed to use something that enhanced their performance? I’d love to see news reporters or surgeons work around the clock without a hint of caffeine in their body.

MIT PhD student Kuang Xu applies math to the ER

We now live in a modern era of health care and medicine. This calls for new ways to do things efficiently in medical facilities such as hospitals. Being able to predict the flow of patients during different times will be an extremely use way to manage the increasing population.

Joe Rogan Questions “Robo-sapiens” on Syfy

A glimpse at our not so distant future. If Ray Kurzweil accurately predicts that 2045 will be the year of the singularity, then I should be able to purchase a cool avatar for myself in my lifetime. But that BINA48 sure is kind of creepy.

Lavabit shuts down

In an unfortunate act of defiance, the encrypted email service used by Edward Snowden was shut down by its owner Ladar Levinson. He stated that he would rather terminate all Lavabit business than hand over information that he swore to protect for his clients. Silent Circle also closed it’s encrypted email service shortly after.

Facebook won’t be around in the next few generations

Personally, I am finding myself using other social networks such as Twitter a lot more than my Facebook account. If teens aren’t interested in using it right now, then the future of Facebook isn’t looking to good. And their recent boost in ad revenue is just temporary.

Google embeds ads in maps

I’ll stick with Apple Maps. Thanks.